4 Tips for Choosing a Rehab Center in Pennsylvania


With its gorgeous landscapes, low cost of living, various outdoor recreational opportunities, and excellent healthcare system, Pennsylvania is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the United States. Aside from being one of the thirteen original founding states, the Keystone State is also home to the first hospital, university, stock exchange, and many other foundational institutions in the country. Unfortunately, the reputation of this remarkable state is in peril as it currently struggles with a severe substance use problem.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the increased availability of heroin and fentanyl in Pennsylvania is contributing to the dramatic increase in the number of residents with substance use disorders. It also brought about the staggering 65% rise in drug-related overdose deaths in the state between 2015 and 2017. A recent survey by a security research firm also ranked Pennsylvania as the 16th heaviest-drinking state, which indicates a growing problem of alcohol use disorder in the state.

If you or your loved one is one of the many state residents suffering from substance use disorder, it is high time that you seriously consider going into rehab centers in Pennsylvania. Note that receiving the appropriate addiction treatment will not only help you stay alcohol or drug-free, but it will also assist you in improving your social, occupational, and psychological functioning.

Once you have decided to enter a treatment program, you must take the time to choose the most suitable addiction facility for your needs. Although there are numerous rehab centers in the state, not all of them can effectively assist you in your recovery journey. To guide you in making the right choice, consider the following pointers.

Consult with an Addiction Specialist or a Healthcare Professional

Perhaps the best way to identify reputable rehab centers that offer outstanding programs is by talking with your doctor or an addiction specialist. After all, they are familiar with the various facets of rehab that you may not know about. Keep in mind that it is difficult to scrutinize every rehab facility in your area simply because there may be too many of them. Consulting with a treatment professional can make the process easier.

While it can be uncomfortable to discuss your substance use problem, you must talk openly and honestly so that your doctor can offer the most appropriate advice. Withholding information or trying to dial down the gravity of your problem by lying about the type of substance you use or how much and how often you use can negatively impact your recovery. Be truthful about everything so that the addiction specialist can connect you to treatment providers suited to your situation.

Do Your Research

Learn more about the different treatment facilities you are eyeing before committing to a program. Check the website for information and do not hesitate to contact them to ask for more details. Reputable rehab centers will welcome your queries since they are confident of their services and have nothing to hide. As you do your research, make sure to check out the following factors on top of cost and length of the program:

Treatment Methods

Every rehab center offers a different treatment approach. Some facilities use traditional methods, while others employ holistic therapeutic techniques or a combination of both. There are even rehabs that incorporate spirituality in their programs. Given the many options available, it is a good idea to explore each one so that you will know which method appeals to you most.

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Inquire about the treatment center’s area of expertise to learn if they have the experience and capability in addressing your type of addiction and needs. For instance, if you are also suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, you need a rehab facility with resources, specialists, and services for dual diagnosis. Ultimately, you can readily eliminate treatment centers that do not address your specific concern from your list of options.


Because the physical environment significantly impacts your recovery, you should also learn more about the rehab center’s surroundings. Is it situated in an area surrounded by nature and breathtaking landscapes or in a depressing neighborhood? Is the indoor environment more hospital-like or comparable to a homey vacation destination? As you choose the right fit, try to remember that you need to be in a place that encourages self-reflection, positive thoughts, and calmness.

Aftercare Programs

While the right treatment can help you overcome an addiction, you still need long-term follow-up to prevent yourself from falling off track. Note that the relapse rate for substance use disorder is somewhere between 40 to 60 percent. As such, you need to find a rehab center with aftercare programs that offer comprehensive services that touch the various areas of your life, such as relationships, finances, mental health, and employment.

Value Longevity

As you search for treatment facilities, it is advisable to stay away from facilities that have been operating for less than five years. Although there are newly established rehabs that provide high-quality care, it is safer to trust those that have been around for many years because they may have already built a solid reputation in your community and can be vetted more easily.

Shady rehab centers abound as operators try to take advantage of the high demand for addiction treatment services. That is why you should look at longevity in your search. After all, it is practically impossible for unlawful and unethical rehab facilities to operate for many years.

Remember That Luxurious Does Not Always Mean High-Quality

While it is natural to assume that costly and luxurious rehab facilities offer excellent treatment services, it is not always the case. Author Anne Fletcher in her book, Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth About Addiction, found that many high-end treatment centers employ unproven and unscientific therapeutic approaches. At the end of the day, you should not choose a rehab center solely for being luxurious and expensive. Ask around, read reviews, and learn everything you can before making a decision.

Finding the right treatment center is critical in addressing substance use disorder. Make sure that you choose a rehab with services and programs that match your needs by considering the tips above. The selection process may take a bit of work, but remember that getting your life back on track is too important to leave to chance.


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