4 Common Reasons Why You Need TBI Lawyer


Any personal injury has the potential to be a life-changing trauma. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can change a person’s life forever as they are especially challenging to treat, and are likely to generate complex court cases. However, having an experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate complex legal issues and reach a successful outcome. Note that TBI can range in severity from mild and serious to life-threatening, so a lawyer can help you recover financial compensation depending on the injuries you suffered.

Continue reading to learn more about the common reasons why people hire experienced TBI lawyers to handle their cases.

Build a strong case

Brain injuries sometimes result in hospitalization, a long-term disability, or even death. In case your injury occurred because of someone else’s negligence, it’s very important to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you build a strong case so you can be compensated accordingly. They can help you get compensation for expensive medical bills as well as emotional pain and suffering. It’s common for personal injury victims to not be fully aware of the scope of their legal rights after experiencing damages from the actions of others.

Look for lawyers in the state you live in to help you navigate your case easier. If you live in California, for instance, make sure to seek an experienced personal injury lawyer that can quickly ascertain your legal rights and damages, and reach a successful outcome. For example, the lawyers at Perry Personal Injury Lawyers handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t pay any attorney fees until they reach a successful outcome in your case. This is also convenient and helpful since you won’t spend too much and still get the best legal guidance possible.

Establishing damages

Personal injury cases, especially those related to TBI, can be difficult to win, so you must present strong evidence to prove that another party caused the injuries you sustained. You should provide evidence to the court regarding the extent of the injuries, and how it has affected you including health, work, relationships, and future. Your lawyer has the legal insight and resources to help you obtain police reports, talk to witnesses, seek medical expert testimony, and can calculate the monetary value of your damages.

Finding a lawyer who also understands medical malpractice claims would be beneficial for you. For example, Kenneth M. Sigelman & Associates from California are medical malpractice and serious injury attorneys with many years of experience dealing with such cases. Since there are a few practicing attorneys that are also medical doctors, choosing Ken Sigelman to handle your case would be the right choice. Keep in mind that establishing the full extent of damages caused by a TBI can be often challenging, so you’ll need someone fully experienced to get the best results.


Insurance companies can be very persuasive concerning bargaining for lower compensation after a person sustains a TBI and a personal injury claim has been filed. Negotiating with them can be quite challenging, so it’s best to have a skilled lawyer by your side. Insurance companies may use special techniques to convince you to accept their financial offer, so this is exactly why you need an experienced TBI lawyer to help you through the process.

Personal injury lawyers have the experience as well as the resources required to communicate your case to the insurance company. Some of them are on close terms with medical experts, and others are even experienced doctors themselves. This can further strengthen your case by giving testimony. They can gather the necessary evidence and communicate with the insurance companies to process your claim quickly and ensure you receive the maximum settlement you deserve.

Securing reimbursement faster

People who don’t hire a personal injury lawyer may have to wait until they recover before claiming compensation, and it may take much longer to receive their final settlement. However, if you hire an experienced TBI lawyer, they can file a claim on your behalf while you’re still in the process of recovering. They’re familiar with similar cases and their legalities can overcome setbacks, helping you receive compensation as soon as possible.

Note that these types of cases are long and complicated. Sometimes, it may be unnecessary to take legal action if the plaintiff is ready to compensate you and the reimbursement is adequate for your loss or injuries. Usually, skilled lawyers can analyze unique situations like your case and inform you about your options. They’ll advise you on the best route to take, according to the seriousness of your case.

4 Common Reasons Why You Need TBI Lawyer

In closing

One of the most common reasons people hire personal injury lawyers is due to brain injuries. Some brain injuries can cause post-traumatic stress, loss of coordination, and intense emotional trauma, and some might result in death. This process can be quite stressful, and victims often lose motivation and confidence in the legal system, which can drive them towards a rash decision and accept a settlement that’s much less than what they deserve.

A skilled lawyer will handle all the complicated aspects of the case while giving you peace of mind and the motivation you need to achieve the best possible outcome. They take the legal work and stress off your shoulders, helping you relax and focus on recovering from the unfortunate event.




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