This article highlights the top computer vision firms in the United States and throughout the world. Machine vision (sometimes spelt computer vision) is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with the intelligent processing of visual data.

The human eye receives light, which is then processed by photoreceptors (cones and rods), which transmit signals to neurons that go up to the brain. The brain then interprets what it sees by processing these impulses.

A computer behaves similarly. Pixels, which are electronic photoreceptors inside a camera, absorb light and provide electrical impulses to a microprocessor. The data is subsequently interpreted by software.

Machine vision can automate the processing of satellite imagery in the scientific, military, and mapping fields.

Machine vision can also be used to improve weapon targeting, drone piloting, and automated passport scanning at airports.

Machine vision systems are useful for automating inspection and quality control procedures and are used to automate production lines and industrial operations. In addition to improving customer happiness and brand reputation, the implementation of these systems leads to improved production yields, fewer failure rates, and the delivery of consistently high-quality products.

Machine vision technology is being employed in medical and dental applications, in addition to industrial production, to enhance patient care. Machine vision is also assisting in the diagnosis of skin illnesses, performing quick and accurate full blood counts, and identifying cancers via optical analysis of x-rays and other medical imaging sources. Medical robots equipped with imaging technologies support surgeons during surgeries.

Top Featured Suppliers of Machine Vision Systems 

Re: Build Optimation

How We Build | Re:build Manufacturing: An Industrial Manufacturing Group |

Re: Build Optimization is a service provider situated in Rush, New York that offers design, fabrication, and installation of automation systems, control systems, test equipment, and more for various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, and film. The business was established in 1985.

Cincinnati Automation Ltd.

Cincinnati Automation - Florence, Ky - Inspection Equipment

Florence, Kentucky-based Cincinnati Automation Ltd. offers machine vision systems, a turnkey systems integrator, bespoke manufacturer, and service provider. These systems are used for inspection, testing, and assembly applications. The business was founded in 1993.

Altman Manufacturing Co.

Welcome To Altman Manufacturing

Since its establishment in 1942, Altman Manufacturing Co., Inc. has produced and supplied secondary operation equipment such as dies, presses, and finishing equipment. The business is situated in Lisle, Illinois.

IFM Efector, Inc.

Ifm Efector, Inc. Homepage Us - Ifm

The Malvern, Pennsylvania-based IFM Efector, Inc. produces specialised machine vision systems, including sensors, cameras, and machine vision systems, for use in the packaging, assembly, and plastics industries. The business was established in 1969.

Advanced Manufacturing Development

Advanced Manufacturing Development: Custom Assembly Lines &Amp; Machines

Based in Tomball, Texas, Advanced Manufacturing Development is a turnkey systems integrator, finisher, manufacturer, and service provider that provides machine vision systems that can measure both two- and three-dimensional components. In addition, the 1996-founded business incorporated cameras, illumination, and software for intelligent detection.

UMD Automated Systems

Columbus Region Success Stories | Umd Automated Systems Is One Of Us

The aerospace, automotive, advertising, architectural, and chemical sectors may all benefit from the automated machine vision systems offered by Fredericktown, Ohio-based UMD Automated Systems. The firm has been operating since it was established in 1996.

Bent River Machine

Bent River Tech – Kosta Cemerikic

For a variety of sectors, including the agricultural, automotive, aerospace, defence, and military, Bent River Machine develops, manufactures, and instals machine vision systems. The business was established in 1978 and is based in Clarkdale, Arizona.

Applied Chemical Technology, Inc.

Video Library - Applied Chemical Technology

Since its establishment in 1981, Applied Chemical Technology, Inc. has provided machine vision systems to a variety of sectors, including aerospace, chemical, polymer, mining, fertiliser, food, pharmaceutical, and commercial. The business's main office is in Florence, Alabama.

Riverside Automation

Custom Automated Machines Corning &Amp; Rochester, Ny | Machine Controls | Riverside Automation

The design, production, and installation of machine vision systems are services offered by Rochester, New York-based turnkey systems integrator Riverside Automation. These industries served include aerospace, automotive, pneumatic, transportation, and more.

Top Suppliers of Machine Vision Systems in the US and Canada by Revenue

Company Summaries

ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.

Ats Acquires Asia-Pacific Based System Integrator Zi-Argus

With its headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and turnkey systems integrator that provides machine vision systems for inspection and assembly verification among other uses. Since 1978, the firm has been in operation.

Ultra Clean Technology

Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. - About Uct

System integration, supply chain management services, gas and chemical delivery systems, and other products are all produced by Ultra Clean Technology. The business was established in 1991 and is based in Hayward, California.

JCR Automation Inc.

Home - Jcr Automation

Since its establishment in 1982, 1JCR Automation Inc. has designed and provided automation systems to businesses that produce automobiles, auto parts, extrusions, metal stampings, and other goods. The business's main office is in New Haven, Indiana.

Engineered Production Equipment, Inc.

Epe - Custom Machines &Amp; Custom Automation

Engineered Production Equipment, Inc. is a design and construction company that offers specialized machinery and automation equipment, including automated assembly stations, transdermal drug production & packaging equipment, and equipment for assembling medical devices. The business was founded in 1983 and has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Computer Age Engineering

Home - Computer Age Engineering

The Marion, Indiana-based company Computer Age Engineering provides specialised automated equipment for a variety of sectors, including those in the plastics, consumer electronics, aerospace, medical, and dentistry fields. The firm has been operating since it was established in 1982.

Engineering & Industrial Services, Inc.

Industrial Engineering Services - Commercial And Power Tool Supplier

Designing, constructing, and installing machinery and equipment for the rubber extrusion industries is the business of Engineering & Industrial Services, Inc., a turnkey systems integrator with its headquarters in Logansport, Indiana. The business was founded in 1977.

IFM Efector, Inc.

Ifm Efector, Inc. Homepage Us - Ifm

Relays, power supplies, programming software, and other controls and identification devices are offered by Malvern, Pennsylvania-based IFM Efector, Inc. The business was established in 1969.


Isra Vision Parsytec - Crunchbase Company Profile &Amp; Funding

Manufacturing bespoke machine vision systems, such as surface vision systems, quality inspection systems, and robot vision sensors, ISRA VISION has its headquarters in Duluth, Georgia. Since its creation in 1985, the business has been in existence.

Enser Corp. 

Enser Corporation | Engineering Services | Manufacturing | Technical Staffing

Design, construction, finite element analysis, product development, system engineering, and other services are provided by Enser Corp. The business, which has its headquarters in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, provides services to a number of sectors, including paper and pulp, aviation, energy, and military. Built-in 1912.


The top machine vision system manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the leading revenue-generating machine vision system suppliers in the US and Canada, were covered in this article.


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