Dentistry has changed for the better - Learn about new improvements in the dentist industry


The dentistry industry has always seen gradual incremental improvements over the more than two centuries it has been in existence. For many past years, going to the dentist was clouded with fear and anxiety and could be a source of trauma. But the times have changed, and the dental practice too has. Big dental companies offer an impersonal experience to the patient that is why smile studios have the unique ability to offer more to the patient. Small smile studios lead the charge in this transformation by presenting a better experience during in-person appointments.

All the new improvements in dentistry

Implant improvements

The dental implant landscape has greatly improved; it's now possible to replace patients’ missing teeth faster than ever before. Modern–era dental implants, crowned and with a bridge or dentures cannot be differentiated from real teeth and are unsurprisingly very durable. Dental implants have the highest success rate of any surgical implant procedure and can easily be done by a dentist Austin Texas near you.

Electronic health records

The impact of computers on the dental industry is staggering at the very least. Electronic storage has enabled the shift to digital dental and general health records. While you may not take notice of electronic health records, they play a huge role in your dentist's office experience. Digital records management and storage shave off time spent searching, recording, and filling through documents and records

Comfortable and modern amenities

Dental offices have since stopped being intimidating environments. Many smile studios are built with modern technology and comfort being the top focus. Designs that inspire relaxation and comfort are widely used.

Modern technology

Modern technology has enabled the industry as a whole to push forward. Modern tech has eliminated the days of awkward and uncomfortable dental impressions with 3D scanning. You don’t need to bite down on a slimy and bitter material for leaving your impression for a crown fitting. Laser dentistry involves the use of lasers to non-invasively treat gum disease and serious dental health issues.

Patient communication and a personalized process

Communication with patients in the dental industry has seen drastic improvements. Through digital reminders for appointments and the availability of social media, outlets dentists have been able to communicate more efficiently with the patient.

Why dental appointments are no longer scary

Dental health has received a very positive shift in perception from the patients. This is partly due to the wide availability of information regarding dental health. Dental offices and clinics have also adopted modern designs and have greatly improved the office experience.

A warm and welcoming Dentist in Austin Texas

The smile studio offers one of the most comfortable and personalized dental experiences in Austin. A dental clinic should try and meet its individual patient’s needs. The Smile studio offers deeply customized care. The environment of modern smile studios is enjoyable and friendly unlike the corporate settings of big business dentistry which is stiff and impersonal.


The dental industry has seen true evolution, from being feared by the general public to being one of the most care-intensive industries, offering each patient the attention they deserve. The hope of all dentists, especially those near you in Austin Texas is that these modern advancements can help you smile more.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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