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When we were children, there is nothing more than we want other than growing up. We may be wishing for toys or candies, but most these days are hurrying to get older. As we were young, we only see all the freedom that the adults have.

They can go wherever they want without any kind of supervision or guidance. You can also buy whatever you want since you have money. Even though this line of thinking is illogical or a bit misguided, it is a perception that we only realize when we get to that stage. It is a natural process that we go through just like physically growing up.

One of the hormones responsible for this process is the hGH or human growth hormone. This is produced in the pituitary gland, right in the middle of the brain. It has a lot of functions that are beneficial to our growth and development.

For example, it helps in generating and repairing damaged cells and tissues. Also, it keeps our bodies in a generative state, so that we continue growing and developing physically and mentally as well. There are many great steroids shop - lecorpsshop.fr out there which can offer a lot of insight. Based on this website, it has also been linked with great looking skin and hair.

As this is a naturally existing substance in our body, most of us do not need to look for it. Unfortunately, not everyone has them in their bodies. It is usually due to a disorder or a disease that affected the production in the pituitary gland.

Some of the more common examples include Turner’s syndrome and HIV/AIDS. The lack of HGH is also apparent in people whose growth is delayed due to other conditions as well. This is why there are synthetic products that have been developed to combat these conditions.

Synthetic HGH was developed during the mid-1980s to combat specific disorders that have been affecting a lot of children and adolescents. As it should be naturally prevalent in these particular stages of a person’s life, it would be problematic if they were lacking. It is going to result in stunted growth and other life-long problems.

Is Synthetic the Answer?

hGH or human growth hormone-2

Most doctors will prescribe synthetic HGH to people who need it for medical reasons. It is also available in many pharmacies all around the world, but you will need the doctor’s prescription before you can avail of them.

However, other people can also use it even though they do not have any kind of medical problems. There are some advantages that it gives to the user like physical strength and a decrease in fat. It is also great for those who are recovering from illnesses and tissue damage.

Another great thing about synthetic human growth hormones is it can be an alternative to steroids. As we all know, anabolic steroids have been used by many people for a long time for their bodybuilding needs. It makes building muscle so much faster since the steroid will make its development faster as well.

Instead of training for a full year, you will have those building muscles in just a span of 6 or fewer months. This will always depend on your dosage though, as there are certain cycles that you need to follow to maximize its effects.

It can be possible to use it safely. After all, there are many bodybuilders out there who still use anabolic steroids. You just need to control your dosage so that you will not end up getting addicted to it. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to fall into that problem as is the case of many others.

It can cause a lot of problems like organ failure and psychological disorders if abused for a long time. This is why many people have been searching for an alternative that can still give the same benefits without the added risk.

Sub for Steroids

hGH or human growth hormone3

Synthetic human growth hormones are considered by many experts as a great substitute for steroids. For one, it has the same effects on the user. You will still have the additional strength and stamina that you need for your training. We all know that bodybuilding takes a lot of time and effort before you can even see the results.

Even then, the “natural” way will not give you the right muscle mass that you need and that would also take too long before you can see the results. This is the better alternative if you want to add up to that muscle.

On the other hand, there is still some danger in using such substances especially if you are already healthy. For one, there is the danger of overusing it. You need to have the proper dosage before taking anything.

Too much HGH in the body can lead to nerve problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and tingling sensations all around the body. Also, it can affect your cardiovascular system, with chances of enlarging your heart and increasing blood pressure. Even if this is seen as a safer alternative, you still need to be aware while you are using it.

Lastly, you can still do it the natural way. Certain routines will not require you from using any kind of substance. As mentioned before though, you may not be able to achieve a higher muscle mass as you do not have the drug’s assistance.

It is a challenge that you can take, and it could probably be worth it. After all, you would still be training in the same way and you will probably have the muscle mass that you need to continue competing.

As also said before, it is important to go to a medical specialist before consuming any kind of medicine. It will give you the safety that you need to continue with this kind of medication. Human growth hormone is already a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. Adding more to it can increase its effectiveness. However, too much of it can also cause problems. To avoid all of this, visiting a doctor is always a must.


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