What is Tens unit?


TENS Unit stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; it’s a battery-operated device that is used to treat those particular pains that are not responding to pain killer medications. It works by producing small electrical impulses with electrodes; the adhesive pads are attached to these electrodes so that it can perfectly grip the person’s skin. Just like the DDOS attack in internet security, A TENS unit works by bombarding the nervous system with tons of electrical impulses which ultimately reduces and disrupts the pain signals to the brain. Read more

Due to its unique working action, it’s also called a natural pain killer that blocks the pain signals to the brain temporarily.

A TENS unit is 100% risk-free, it causes no side effects at all because it uses a very low voltage of current frequency that starts from 10HZ to 50HZ. However; the average time of a session is usually 10 to 15 minutes, prolong sessions might cause some minor side effects or pains. Pregnant women should also avoid using the TENS unit and those people who have any diagnosed heart condition as more research and evidence is needed to ensure its safety.

Benefits of TENS Unit

Pain Relief

The basic purpose of the TENS unit is pain relief, it helps the patient to control the sensation of pain, even though it does not treat the cause of pain but it helps to minimize its sensation by blocking the pain signals.

It can be used to treat all kinds of pain including osteoarthritis pain which is quite severe. Those patients who are suffering from chronic pains, TENS machine can rescue them by increasing the production of endorphins that relieves the pain naturally.

Portable & Easy To Use

One of the most worthwhile benefits of a TENS unit is its portability. It is a small electronic device like a smartphone, that you can carry anywhere you want. It’s also quite easy to use as it includes easy functionalities that anyone can master.

Increases Blood Circulation

Tens machine also helps to improve the blood circulation in the particular areas of the body where you have dealing with severe pain. It increases the blood flow in the particular areas to bring more fresh oxygen to the aching muscles and nerves.

Improves Sleep

As we all know that chronic pains in the body can interfere with the natural sleep pattern of a person. The TENS unit will provide a feeling of relaxation by reducing the pain and induces the brain for better sleep all over the night. Apart from sleep, it also treats depression and anxiety by boosting the feel-good hormones in our brain including serotonin and dopamine.


The TENS unit is the best alternate of painkillers which are very harmful to our kidneys and liver especially if used for a long period of time. If you are also taking any pain killers and they are just providing you temporary relief, then you should purchase a TENS unit for yourself right away as it doesn’t have any risk of side effects even if it’s used regularly.


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What is Tens unit?
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