What is Considered a Dental Emergency Case?


Dentistry has been one of the oldest branches of medicine in the world. There was a lot of evidence showing that it was practised way before the man even knew how to build cities. Of course, the hygiene that we understand now was not in their priority during those times. Rather, the usefulness of our teeth became significant to its care. According to this link, people would lose it due to old age and other various reasons. This is why people looked for ways to make it better for themselves and others.

However, maintaining the teeth is not an easy task. Before the introduction of toothpaste in the market, many cultures around the world have introduced their ways of cleaning teeth. Some of them just used water while others would chew on various leaves and roots. People got creative as well, and some used their teeth as a form of art. There were even cultures that tried to replace some of their teeth with precious metals. This is where dentistry came in, and the most effective and efficient ways of removing them were introduced.

Now that we are living in the 21st century, going to the dentist is something that we should do regularly. Many experts agree that every six months to a year should suffice. However, some would rather avoid going to the clinic. They have various reasons for that. Some people suffer from a psychological disorder known as a phobia. Once they are triggered by a stimulus, they would feel a lot of fear and would stop functioning. It can also be dangerous as well since some people would do anything to get away from the source of their phobia.

On the other hand, it can also be due to financial reasons. Most insurance policies do not include dental expenses in their coverage. Also, it can get quite expensive just to get your pearly whites fixed as it would usually depend on the complexity of the operation. It can also depend on the purpose of the said operation. It is either a cosmetic change or life-saving one as well.

As mentioned before, the costs are what drives people into ignoring mouth problems. After all, as long as you can eat, work and function then you are not technically sick. However, this has been proven otherwise as your illness can be subjective. There are certain diseases in which that you can apply for a leave, and one of them can come from your teeth. However, some people have already mastered the ability to ignore these kinds of pain. When does it become too much though?

For one, it depends. Many problems can appear in your mouth. From canker sores near the base to tooth decay, these can be solved by over-the-counter meds. Meanwhile, there are some conditions in which you would truly need a doctor. Learn more about this here: http://www.eschenbachdental.com/emergency-dental-care. Meanwhile, here are some signs that you probably need to go to the dentist immediately.

When it Gets Worse

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  1. The Pain Becomes Too Much

This should be non-negotiable. Once you cannot handle the pain anymore, then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Pain can come from anywhere, but the most debilitating ones usually occur because of eruptions. One of the major examples of this one is the eruption of the wisdom teeth. They are usually not aligned with your normal set and can cause friction. Usually, the pain just goes away after a while, If it persists, applying a cold compress or drinking pain relievers can help with it. Once it erupts though, the pain can be so extreme that some people would pass out because of it.


    2. Pus and Infection Forms Inside

Another source of the pain can come from possible infection. There are many reasons why these would appear. If there was a previous operation inside your mouth and it was infected, then it could become painful. Also, it is quite dangerous since the infection is near to the brain. One of the means to know if the infection is already bad is through the temperature of the person. If left untreated, it can lead to further complications. Once you have already felt that pain in the affected area, you need to go to the dentist and have some antibiotics. It can help in fighting off the infection.

    3. Broken Teeth

Lastly, another emergency that needs to be taken care of immediately is a broken tooth or a set gone. The main reason why it can be damaged is because of the sheer force. It might have been hit by a blunt object or you tried to chew something very hard. This can cause the enamel to break and bring extreme pain to the person. This needs to be taken to the dentist because the debris can affect and infect any possible wound after the impact.

Taking Care of Your Dental Health

With all the advancements that science and technology have offered us, it is now easier to clean our teeth. However, there are still some who are not familiar with how to brush teeth properly. Remember, you need to have good quality toothpaste. Apply only a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste as this is more than enough for you. Brush gently as well, since the toothbrush can turn abrasive if you use it harder than necessary. Continue brushing for at least one to two minutes, alternating with each section. Lastly, remember to rinse and floss afterwards.

For some who already have problems, then it is not too late! You can always start from somewhere. Some clinics offer dental "makeovers'' as well. Cosmetic dentistry is not just for the affluent as it is also fro people who truly need their service. It is said that the best way to handle anything is to smile. With a perfect set of pearly whites, you are now ready to rule the world one smile at a time. Don’t let the world change it either, use that smile to change the world for the better.

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