Technology is improving all aspects of our lives – and now, it can even enhance your quality of sleep. Smart beds are advancing so you can improve the amount and the quality of sleep that you get by introducing innovative features to give you an insight into your sleep data. Smart beds are available with added tech, like USBs and even TVs, they feature cooling technology, and even the ability to track your sleep through the fabric it’s made up of. These smart beds are great for a range of sleepers and can improve your overall health and well-being. Read on as we take a look at some of the features you might find in the best smart bed, and how to choose a smart bed to suit you.

Features of a smart bed

Technology improves so many aspects of our lives – so why not our sleep? Smart beds feature advanced technology that’s in place to help us get a great night’s sleep every night. There are smart beds with all different types of tech instalments to improve comfort and quality of rest – which we will look at in more detail below.


It’s common for smart beds to feature advanced media – whether that’s USB ports or even TVs. Although the addition of these products is unlikely to enhance your quality of sleep, they can help to make your life a little easier. For example, having the ability to charge your phone from the USB port in your bed means you can charge it overnight, and you don’t have to get up to turn off your alarm or wait for your phone to charge before you scroll in bed. Some smart beds have TVs installed in them, which is great if you enjoy watching films in the comfort of your bedroom, or you’re struggling with space to fit a TV. Smart beds with additional media can help when it comes to saving space, and convenience.

Sleep monitoring

One of the best features that you’ll find with these smart beds is the ability to track your sleep. You no longer have to wear your fitness tracker to get an idea of how well you sleep – your mattress can do it for you! These beds use smart fabric that contains sensors that can show you how you react to different temperatures during the night, and the quality of sleep you’re getting over a certain period. The fact that these mattresses can show you how well you sleep, and how you react to various factors means it’s easier for you to reflect on how much quality sleep you’re getting, and how you could potentially improve for the better.


Not only do smart beds track your sleep, but they allow you to change positions in bed so that you can feel comfortable and supported. Adjustability is one of the best features to have when it comes to choosing the ideal smart bed. You can adjust the way you’re lying via remote control, so it’s easy to change your position. You can sit up and read easily, and find a position that is most suitable for your body to sleep in. An adjustable smart bed gives you the freedom to choose a bed that is most suited to your body.

Temperature regulation

The way that modern mattresses are put together often helps with temperature regulation – for example, hybrid mattresses have an additional cooling gel to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. However, smart beds take this even further – they allow you to program the surface temperature precisely, depending on your personal preference. But not just that, these mattresses allow couples to choose which they prefer, as each side of the best can be cooled depending on each person – to save any disagreements when it comes to which is the optimum temperature! Most of the smart temperature-regulating beds can track sleep too, which is perfect for working out the temperature that suits you best in terms of sleep quality, and it can be a great addition for recovering athletes.

How to choose the best smart bed for you

Now that we’ve looked at a few of the most impressive features that smart beds can offer, how do you choose which one is best for you? There are a few elements that you will need to consider to get the most from your investment such as the features that the mattress has to offer. If cooling technology is important to you, make sure your mattress can offer this feature. If you’re on a budget, compare smart mattresses to see which suits your price point. Think about whether you’d like to trial your mattress before you commit to purchase – some mattress companies offer a trial period that allows you to get used to the technology and see if it works for you before you decide to invest.


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