Sleep deprivation is one of the major reasons for a number of health disorders related to lifestyle choices. But why exactly are people having sleep deprivation? Many say that they try to sleep on time but lying down on the bed on time and browsing through your smartphone does not mean you are sleeping on time! It still means you are awake and your mind is occupied. If you have noticed, you might not be able to sleep for a long time, even after turning off your phone, why is that? Have you ever questioned yourself that? Well, this detailed infographic from Solar Spot will let you in on a few scientific details that might baffle you.

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You might also find the answer for some of the health issues that have been bothering you but your doctor has not been able to put a finger on! Smartphones and laptops, as useful they are, amount to be equal partners in crime at ruining our health. Their blue lights have been altering our sleep pattern and we unknowingly have been taking them along with us to our beds. The high energy levels of the blue lights that these devices emit interfere with our body’s circadian rhythm that prevents us from falling asleep.

Consistent lack of sleep as you know can lead to a lot of health issues sooner or later, details of which have been dealt with in the infographic. The infographic from Solar Spot also talks about how the sleep pattern has been altering in human beings since the pre-1800s. If you read the survey of how many percentages of people from different walks of life are actually addicted to their smartphones, it is rather astounding. Well, it is better to realize now than never. We hope that our readers understand why we are becoming a sleep-deprived society. Understanding these reasons can help you get into a better sleeping habit.


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Sleep Deprivation

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