Things To Know About Travel Nursing As New Grad in Metairie, LA


Nursing careers are soaring high even before the pandemic and one of the in demand now are travel nursing jobs. Advantage Medical Professionals in Metairie are continuously hiring travel nurses to fill in vacancies in several states and even other countries. Here are some things to know about travel nursing as a new grad in Metairie, LA.

Can A New Grad Nurse Be A Travel Nurse?

A newly graduated nurse may not yet be qualified to apply as a travel nurse since there are qualifications that they still lack. So it will be wise to apply for any nursing job to be able to achieve the qualifications needed, and they can soon apply as a travel nurse once they have gained the experience needed. Experience is always needed since this is how you can show your capability in applying the knowledge you have learned, and it is your time to have hands-on training.

How Much Experience Do You Need For Travel Nursing?

Most medical facilities require one year experience before hiring a travel nurse, but some are considerate and accept nurses with only 9 months experience. As a newly graduated nurse, it would be wise to get the experience you need by grabbing any nursing job opportunities available at the moment. Gain the experience you need in order to get qualified as a travel nurse. The more experience, the more exposure you can have, the better. As they say, doing it in action is different from merely reading it in a book.

What Should I Know Before Traveling Nursing?

A nurse should be familiar with the requirements for travel nurses, so they can prepare things ahead before applying. Here are the needed credentials for travel nurses:

License as a Registered Nurse

Before one can get their license, they should be able to graduate with a bachelor's degree in nursing or its associate then pass the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination) to be considered a registered nurse. This is your main ticket to exploring the world as a travel nurse.

State License

This license is needed for you to be able to work in other states as a travel nurse. State licenses cover a certain number of states. Your travel nurse agency can help you process it since it may take several weeks before it can be released. Processing it before going to your assignment would be ideal, so you can have it at hand once you land at your destination.


Certificates from previous job experience or training certificates are good credentials to add to your portfolio. Having a certificate can help you get more job offers, since this can prove that you have knowledge of several medical techniques, and you have hands-on experience as well.

What Every New Grad Nurse Needs?

New graduate nurses need to be qualified before they can be employed as travel nurses. Since travel nurses require experience and other credentials before they can be qualified. Another preparation needed is to enhance your skills by exploring different specializations if given the chance. A small knowledge of the routines of different department nurses can also help you understand the duties and responsibilities of your fellow nurses in different fields. Be teachable and retain all the knowledge you can get, so you can use them once you get the opportunity to work as a travel nurse.

Why Should I Consider Working with Travel Nurse Agencies?

It will be an ideal way of getting more job opportunities, especially for new nurses who are already qualified. Getting a job when you are still new in the industry is challenging, but with a travel nurse agency they can recommend you, and you don’t have to exert too much effort, but instead focus on doing your best once you get onboard.

Be familiar with things to know about travel nursing as a new grad in Metairie, LA, so you will know how to prepare yourself towards expanding your career as a nurse and broadening your knowledge of how to be a travel nurse once you get qualified. Visiting travel nurse agencies near your place in Metairie, LA will also be a good start, so they can discuss with you the process you need to undergo before becoming one.


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