Top Reasons to Consult a Child Emergency Dentist

In today’s era, to say that no parent has taken his or her kid to an emergency dentist is undoubtedly an understatement. When it comes to little kids, it’s true that accidents could happen anytime, anywhere and knowing how to handle the dental emergency is one of the best chances you have to save your child from losing his or her tooth and saving money during your visit to an emergency dentist. At such times, you need to consider taking your child to an emergency dentist Tulsa, OK for the best results.

Regardless of what you do as a parent, you would want to do all it takes to prevent the chances of a dental emergency. A dental emergency could occur at any time, and frequently among children who have the tendency to trip over their feet or end up hitting their face or having a ball hit them on their face.
As you go through this post, you will learn about some of the most common pediatric emergencies, so you know exactly when you have to consult a child’s dentist for emergency dentist treatment.

What Calls for the Need of a Pediatric Dental Emergency

As a parent, you should have a clear understanding of what actually happens in a dental emergency. This unexpected dental issue requires your child to seek immediate treatment or attention from an emergency dentist.  Most of these oral health issues come along with pain, and some of the emergencies could have an impact on the way the new sets of teeth develop.
Here are some of the common reasons why you will need to take your child to a Tulsa Child Dentist  in the event of an emergency.

Broken or Chipped Teeth is one of the Top Reasons to Consult a Child Emergency Dentist

With kids playing around in the home roughly, sometimes, the teeth could end up broken or chipped. Regardless of whether this fracture occurs in the crown, the pain they experience could become unbearable. At that instant, you can treat the tooth of your child using cold compresses or give them some painkillers. Once the pain is under control, you can seek medical attention from an emergency dentist or emergency child dentist for proper care.

Lost Tooth is another Top Reasons to Consult a Child Emergency Dentist

In case your child loses his or her tooth unexpectedly, they will need to see a pediatric dentist instantly. During the drive to the dentist, you should make sure their tooth area remains moist with saliva or give them some salt water. If your child loses a baby tooth unexpectedly, the dentist will try to replace the tooth as soon as possible.

A sudden Toothache

Top Reasons to Consult a Child Emergency Dentist

In some cases, sudden toothaches are reasons why people end up considering the need to consult a dental child specialist in the event of an emergency. The expert that examines the teeth will try to see exactly what the cause of the pain is. It could be that the tooth has a small cavity turning into a bigger one and now requires a root canal. Moreover, having gum diseases is another problem, where the gums recede, leaving the roots and tooth exposed.

These two are common issues that often lead to intense pain and call for the need of a dental emergency. The specialist will do all it takes to ensure your child remains comfortable.

Tooth Infection

In the case of a tooth infection, if the problem receives no treatment for a long time, it will lead to problems like a dental abscess. This is usually a painful problem and a major tooth infection that could settle in the jawbone of your child’s mouth. At such times, oral surgery would be necessary for the removal of the infection. During the consultation with your dental specialist, you will learn about the possible options for relief from the pain and the problem of a dental abscess.

Tooth Pain is among the Top Reasons to Consult a Child Emergency Dentist

There are several other changes that your little one will experience pain in the teeth and they won’t be able to detect the main cause of the pain. The toothaches usually result from a different variety of issues that range from mild to severe. The other common causes of tooth pain include trauma, cavities, tooth eruption, tooth fracture, and food remains stuck in the teeth.  You should also check your child’s mouth for any chances of abnormalities and ask them to rinse their mouth. If they still experience pain, they should take them to the dentist immediately.

Displaced Teeth

Sometimes the teeth of children knock out. At such times, they may become crooked or impacted and displaced, having a negative impact on the future development of their teeth and this is calls for the need for immediate dental attention. At this stage, it is best to treat the teeth with some cold compresses until you meet the dentist.
These are just some of the reasons why you will need to consult a child dentist in Tulsa, OK for the oral health of your little ones. Just make sure that you choose the best one in your area!

Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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