In 2021, the estimate for people living with one or other type of mental disorder was 1 in 5 adults in the US. These are incredibly worrying statistics. That’s why you must know how to boost your mental health.

The most common disorders affecting the population include:

It does not stop there, because a good number of people are neuroatypical. This condition is also referred to as neurodiverse or neurodivergent.

It includes conditions such as:

  • Attention disorders
  • Sociability issues
  • Mood disorders
  • Cognitive functions that don’t work as normally

You can see that mental disorders come in their numbers. If you don’t protect yourself, you could fall victim to any of them.

To help you enhance your mental health a great deal, do the following 10 things:

1. Avoid negative people

Perhaps life has beaten them a good one, but it is not your duty to fix anyone, apart from yourself.

For mental health, darkness wins over light so easily. If you keep company with four negative people, you are going to be the fifth negative person.

You should actively avoid keeping company with people who are always complaining, angry, moodless and have many pet peeves.

However, do not dismiss these people. You can try to talk to them about changing their negative attitude and adopt a positive outlook in life.

2. Rebuild your social support system

Alongside rejecting the company of negative people, build a strong social support system.

Research shows that people with strong family and friendship ties are more positive in life. This comes from knowing that someone keeps an eye on your back.

Meet many people from your work events as well as from the extended families. Also, be intentional about making new friends at all events that you attend.

Create time for networking, by joining social clubs and attending events. You can have a large social circle, and some of these can become your business associates.

Be a sociable person at work. While not everyone will like you, but it doesn’t matter. If you can make a new acquaintance daily, it is good progress.

Connecting with people on social media is also good, but do try to meet many people face-to-face.

Absolutеly, another valuable approach to еnhancing your social support systеm is by еnrolling in a nеurodivеrsе rеlationship coursе. Thеsе coursеs providе a structurеd and supportivе еnvironmеnt for couplеs to lеarn about and apprеciatе еach othеr’s nеurodivеrgеnt pеrspеctivеs. Through guidеd discussions and еxеrcisеs, partnеrs can dеvеlop a dееpеr undеrstanding of how nеurodivеrgеnt traits may influеncе thеir rеlationship dynamics. This nеwfound insight can lеad to strongеr bonds and morе еffеctivе communication.

3. Prioritize your health

Is your job affecting your mental health? Quit it without thinking. You might be making a lot of money, and you might be afraid that you won’t find another job. But all the money in the world is not worth losing your mental health over.

Are you in a relationship that is costing you your mental health? Leave and preserve your health! Do not wait too long in stressful situations until you need to be put on anti-depressants. Once you have identified where the stress triggers are, avoid them.

If anything makes you angry and gives you migraines all the time, it is toxic, and it is running your mental health down. A simple change can fix many things for you.

While many things in life will rattle you, nothing, not even your job, is worth losing your mental health over.

4. Exercise frequently

Working out is one of the most underrated mental wellness fundamentals. When you work out, the body releases feel the good hormones 1 such as dopamine and serotonin.

In return, the level of the stress hormones such as serotonin goes down, leaving you feeling happier and more optimistic.

To get a good home workout, you don’t have to engage in intensive exercises. You can try tens of equipment-free workouts that you can enjoy every morning or evening. For instance, squats, lunges, sit-ups, stretches, running, or skipping rope can help your health a great deal. They are easy to do.

5. Do something exciting now and then

Monotony is the killer of dreams. Therefore, seek ways to break the work-home routine with small getaways.

Doing simple activities such as hiking, running, swimming, or birdwatching can bust your stress. Mostly, activities that require you to get on your feet bring relief fast.

Find out fun things that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or with any other group. At work, do not skip team building or workshop sessions. These little things have the biggest effect on your wellbeing.

6. Know what helps you to beat stress

It is totally impossible to avoid stress today. However, fast recovery is important, and luckily, this is something that’s within your control.

Start by identifying something, perhaps an activity that helps you cope with stress, and do it whenever you feel stressed. 2 It can be physical exercise for some people.

Other people like to walk it off, others want to stay close to water and so on. Do anything that makes your mind rest

7. Beat the bad habits that you run to when you are stressed

Imagine a person who gets their relief from stress when they masturbate! Instead of helping you, such nasty habits offer temporary relief and you will become addicted.

If you have been using alcohol, tobacco, weed, or other substances to help you cope with stress, stop it as soon as you can. If you continue using them, you are going to be addicted.

Cut down on your cigarette smoking too because it can cause agitation and anxiety. If you continue using these “escapes,” you are going to become dependent on them.

8. Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet

Avoid foods that contain empty carbs and replace them with nutrient-rich foods. These have various benefits for your body. For instance, foods rich in vitamins and minerals boost your immunity 3, clearing your skin.

If you enjoy enough sleep daily, your tissue can regenerate, and the body will flush out the free radicals that cause fast aging and illnesses.

9. Don’t overrate yourself

This is very important when setting goals. If you set unrealistic goals and then fail to achieve them, you feel bad. This leads to serious mental distress.

It is okay to set long-term goals because without these, you could be living a direction-less life. However, if the goals are too big, you might not be able to achieve them in good time. This can stress you up. To avoid that, set short term goals as well and celebrate each one that you achieve.

10. Celebrate the little wins

When you celebrate the little wins, you feel more pumped to try bigger things. Did you wake up alive and healthy in the morning? Feel good about it. Have you got a new car? Enjoy spending time in it!

If you look in your life, there are many wins coming your way daily. Appreciate yourself for everything, even for showing up at work. Do not concentrate on the destination too much such that you forget to enjoy the journey.


Mental illnesses affect billions of people around the world and the saddest thing is that they are frequently ignored, until they escalate.

You have to be very deliberate about fixing your mental health. Daily, do something daily, no matter how little, to enhance your mental wellness.

Simple things such as watching a favorite TV program, listening to music, running, walking or reading can boost your mental health. If something makes you feel calm, do it. It is good for your mind health.


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