The nurse acts as a public relation officer of the hospital. Being the first to be seen as one enters the hospital, her attitude towards patient portrays the hospital either in good light or in a bad light.

If her behavior towards the patients is good, such patients will not only come back when they are sick but will also speak good of the hospital to other prospective patients. This will boost the image of the
hospital within the community where it is situated and its environment.

However, if the nurses behave ruly to the patients, the image of such a hospital is at stake and if something is not done fast, the hospital risks folding up.

It is a fact that patients observe the behavior of all Qualities Of A Good Nursenurses in the hospital and on several occasions make bold to discuss same with the doctor-in-charge, Such patients critically observe the way and manner nurses talk and behave towards them and towards other hospital workers, the mood of such nurses while on duty; their method of giving injections and the way such nurses divulge information about patient’s health.

Patients will usually not want to Be attended to by such nurses anytime they come to the hospital for treatment. They perceive such nurses as being bad.
Patients, besides their fundamental human rights which may, of course, be altered in the hospital, also have in addition, the right to:

  1. Consent to any procedure such as surgery to be performed on him.
  2. Refuse treatment if the side effects of the drugs are not explained
  3. Every consideration of his privacy during the period of treatment.
  4. Examine and receive an explanation on his medical bill.

Qualities of a good nurse :

  • You must be Cheerful and relates very well to your patients and colleagues.
  • Obedient, tolerant and understanding. Tolerance is necessary as patients and or their relations may be troublesome.
  • Be Punctual to work and observant.
  • One that has initiative and is able to orientate the patient and his relations about facilities available in the hospital.
  • You should respects colleagues and constituted authority.
  • You should keep secret and all information passed to you concerning a patient.
  • You should not use vulgar language and engage yourself in irrelevant conversation at work.
  • You should not interfere with other worker’s private affairs.
  • You must not sleep on duty.
  • You must not convert the hospital’s patient’s to your private patient.
  • One that does not steal hospital property including drugs and instruments.Naturally, patients on admission are entitled to receive visitors and every hospital has its visiting hours. This should be clearly written and posted on the entrance door of the hospital or inscribed
    on the wall. In terms of receiving visitors, it is necessary that the nurse be as courteous as possible to win the confidence of the visitors.

The good nurse should receive visitors with courtesy and: 

  • Prompt attendance and pleasant manner.
  • Provide a seat if they are to be kept waiting.
  • No untoward attitude should be shown to the patient and his relations.
  • Explain to them the hospital’s visiting hours: Exemption to this is if a relation is coming from a long distance.
  • Be a good ambassador of her hospital and the nursing profession.
  • Does not fight in the neighborhood.
  • Does not drink or smoke in public.
  • Avoid excessive make-up.
  • Be kind to her neighbors
  • Does not participate in unholy or unwholesome alliance to the knowledge of all.


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