The Importance of Health Assessments After a Pandemic




Regular Health Check-Ups After a Pandemic Are Necessary

The human immune system is always active and trying to protect your body from all types of bacteria and virus attacks. But after this pandemic, irrespective of whether you had tested positive for Covid-19 or not, you should undergo a regular health assessment. Sometimes, due to very commonplace symptoms, Covid-19 has been mistaken for the common flu, and many don't even know they have contracted the virus. But being affected by the virus has a lot of effects on your body, especially your lungs, which brings about several other health problems in the future. A regular health assessment can prevent any grave situation from arising. In this article, we will also have a look at some of the common tests that you must do after the pandemic.

Importance of Regular Health Screenings

There is almost nothing in this world that can replace the importance of preventive health screenings. They can nip future health problems in the bud so that the treatment process becomes less complicated. But ever since Covid-19 hit us, regular screenings among people have become more scarce. Do you know why? This is mainly because patients are hesitant to visit health care providers or hospitals for regular check-ups because they fear they might catch the virus. The effects of Covid-19 on the human body can linger for a long time and affect vital organs. So, if you want to know whether these organs are performing well, you will have to get your screenings regularly.

IgG Antibody Tests

By now, you have probably heard numerous times that after fighting off the infection, the human body will produce antibodies all on its own, and the purpose of these antibodies is to ward off any future infection. So, if you get the IgG antibody test done, you will get an idea of the number of antibodies present in your body. Now, you may ask what help will that be? That will help you determine how much your immune system is ready if there is to be another Covid-19 infection.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Tests

This is another very important test that people neglect, but it can reveal a lot about your body. The test essentially measures the level of different types of blood cells that are present in your body, namely RBCs, WBCs, and platelets. When shown to a health professional, these numbers will help you understand how your body has dealt with the covid infection that you underwent, and it will also help you chart a better path for your body for recovery.

Glucose and Cholesterol Tests

The Covid-19 virus has been found to increase the levels of inflammation in the body, leading to clotting in many patients. This is why many patients have reported high fluctuations in vital parameters that led to extreme situations. This includes blood glucose levels as well. That being said, it is essential that once you are in the recovery stage, it is essential you keep a check on your glucose levels. If you are prone to cardiac complications, you should also get cholesterol tests done.

Vitamin D Test

Among the different nutrients that are essential for your body's functioning, Vitamin D provides immunity. So, you can probably guess its importance in fighting off the Covid-19 virus. Studies have also reported that supplementation with Vitamin D during the recovery stage has sped up the process for many. Vitamin D deficiency is also very common; hence you should perform a test at regular intervals to figure out whether the levels are as per the requirement.


Once you get the results from your tests, you will get an overview of the current status of your body and how it is functioning. You will also get to know any additional steps that you need to take now in order to make the recovery process smooth. These tests will also reveal a lot about your heart health, and if you do not know it already, Covid-19 has been seen to affect the heart in grave ways. It affects the vascular system not superficially but rather on a cellular level. So, if you want to do something before major damage is done, it is important that you keep a close look at your vitals.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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