Tenaculum forceps are gynaecological instruments used to grab a hold of tissues or cervix during a surgical procedure. It is a type of locking forceps that stays in the spot where it was locked in.

Tenaculum forceps allow steady holding of tissues while the surgical procedure may be performed. It also guarantees that there is no tissue in the surgical site and helps control the tissues as and when necessary. There are a number of tenaculum forceps available, each of which can serve a different purpose, and thus be made differently.

The tenaculum forceps have thick, thin handles that are placed on hooks. The hooks are attached to the tissue that needs to be examined, and the handles are locked in place once the hooks are securely attached to the tissue that needs to be examined and the position required has also been obtained.

Uses of tenaculum forceps:

  • Tenaculum forceps are very widely used to protect the cervix and uterus of a woman while doing a medical procedure. Such forceps often fall under the gynaecological instruments category and allow the gynaecologist to see the cervix easily.
  •  It is used to seize and holds arteries very well during various procedures.
Tenaculum Forceps Uses - Tenaculum Forceps Images
Tenaculum Forceps Images

Tenaculum forceps that are to be used for gynaecological purposes can be made of plastic or steel. Steel forceps can be sterilized and can therefore be re-used where those forceps made from plastic are meant only to be used once on a single patient. These are disposed of when the patient's test/treatment is over. All instruments are made from the finest plastic and steel so that they are both safe for the patient and convenient for the surgeon to operate with when used.

Anaesthesia is generally provided to The patient by the surgeon conducting a procedure that uses tenaculum forceps. There are times when the patient may be left to remain awake but local anaesthesia is still provided so that the gynaecological instrument insertion and removal is not felt. Medication is also provided to the patient along with anaesthesia, so that he/she can stay relaxed throughout the procedure.

It is quite common for patients to feel the instruments that surgeons and doctors use on them, but using the right type of forceps will ensure smooth and comfortable completion of the entire procedure.

If the wrong instruments are used, tissue can be severely damaged which will further cause infection and increase the time during which healing can occur. Based on the operation being done, only the right kind of equipment should be used and only reputable suppliers should be approached when buying medical supplies.

Where can I get tenaculum forceps?

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