Teeth Whitening Pen : Usage, Benefits, Ingredients and How to Use.

If you're looking for a quick and simple way to brighten your smile, then a teeth whitening pen might be just the thing for you.

Teeth whitening pens are thin, plastic tubes that house a whitening gel and are small enough to place in a purse or pocket.

Portable whitening pens help improve the colour of your teeth by removing leftover stains on each tooth's surface. Often, these types of whitening products produce visible results immediately after your first round of use. Read on to find out more...

Who’s The Teeth Whitening Pen For?

When it comes to your teeth, many aspire for a glittering white smile, but using chemical whiteners or bleaching can cause your teeth and gums some problems, including damage to the enamel, irritation to the gums and long-term issues.

As a result, natural teeth whitening products can help with lifting stains and discolourations in a way that is healthy for the mouth and without that nasty chemical taste!

So if you’re someone who feels self-conscious about their teeth then the Teeth Whitening Pen can be a great solution for you.

This makes the pen a handy solution if you’re meeting someone for the first time or want to brighten up your general appearance. They also say smiling is important in job interviews so give your smile the boost it needs to leave your interviewer with a good impression of you!

But the benefits of a whiter smile aren’t meant to be just enjoyed by adults. In fact, whitening pens can be used for people as young as age fourteen. Teenage years are full of complex feelings regarding self image, so it’s nice when there are options available to teens who may be feeling insecure about their appearance.  As long as all of your adult teeth have been in place for a few years, it should be safe for you to introduce a whitening pen into your oral care routine. When teeth first emerge, their enamel hasn’t fully formed, which makes whitening more risky to your oral health. And it’s important to always keep your health in mind when considering whitening options.

Furthermore, the Teeth Whitening Pen is gentle on those who have sensitive teeth or receding gums.

Also, If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of going to the dentist or paying for expensive dental treatments, the teeth whitening pen can be cost-effective as a time-efficient alternative for you.

Convenient To Use

Your teeth can get easily stained from a variety of coloured foods, such as red sauces, coffee, tea, red wine and dark-coloured fizzy drinks – as well as smoking cigarettes.

A teeth whitening pen fights these common stains and is functional because of its size, portability and general convenience.

Use it as regularly as you like to achieve and maintain your desired level of teeth whiteness.

The product takes about 1 minute to apply and it’s best if you avoid eating or drinking anything for the first hour after application to make the whitening process more effective.

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Also known as baking soda, Sodium Bicarbonate is a natural teeth whitening favourite! Sodium Bicarbonate for teeth whitening is ideal for a natural formula as it acts as a mild abrasive to help with the appearance of surface stains.


Another excellent ingredient found in the best natural teeth whitening products is Menthol. This zingy plant is well known for its flavour and aroma and this can leave you feeling minty fresh. It can also be helpful with refreshing the mouth.

Aloe Vera

Whilst the Aloe Vera plant is commonly used on the skin, it is also ideal for your teeth! Not only is it gentle on the mouth, but it can also help to protect. Additionally, it’s often used as a natural alternative over chemicals for helping with discolouration on the teeth.

How To Use

Whitening pens like this are easy to use with no mess and effectively remove stains for a whiter smile in as little as 2 days.

Just twist, brush and go. The pen can be included in your regular oral care routine twice daily as recommended. Start by brushing your teeth with a toothbrush, which includes a reusable whitening pen that twists securely into the bottom of the toothbrush's handle.

After a thorough brushing, just remove the top cap and twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel on the brush tip. Apply a thin layer of whitening gel to each tooth's surface, making sure that the entire tooth's surface is in contact with the whitening gel. After 30 minutes, rinse your mouth with clean water.

If quick and convenient teeth whitening is your goal, then a whitening pen might be the right choice for you. To make regular improvements that stay with you, follow the directions of the product you use. Your smile is one of your most important assets, so for optimum wellness, remember to receive regular professional cleanings.

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