Your smile is one of the first things someone may notice about you. Do you smile with confidence, or does it feel fake? Do you show off your teeth, or do you keep your lips closed? Many people experience anxiety over smiling for many different reasons. They may have teeth that are chipped or cracked. They may have teeth that aren’t aligned properly, or they may have discoloration that makes them feel self-conscious about smiling.

If your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like, maybe it’s time to get your teeth whitened. While you can do kits at home, there are many benefits to choosing a professional dentist to help you get your pearly whites. Here are four of the top reasons.

Professional Teeth Whitening Creates Fast Results

One of the best reasons to choose professional teeth whitening near me versus an at-home kit is that the results are much quicker with a professional. While you can use strips and toothpaste at home, it usually takes a long time to see a difference in the shade of white on your teeth. Professionals have the tools to get your teeth whiter more quickly. This can be helpful if you have an event coming up and want a great smile immediately.

You Want to Reward Yourself for Quitting Smoking

Smoking causes teeth to turn dark, yellow, and sometimes even brown. This discoloration can cause people to become very self-conscious of their smile. When you finally kick the habit, you may want to reward yourself for a job well done.

Professional teeth whitening can help lighten up those dark and yellow spots on the teeth. Dentists will be able to help you set your expectation level appropriately as well because some discoloration cannot be repaired with whitening services and may need veneers instead. Look for professional teeth whitening near me to get a consultation with the pros.

You Have a Special Occasion Coming Up

Whether you have a wedding, a class reunion, or a big interview coming up, you may want to give professional teeth whitening a try. These events are a great reason to show off your pearly whites and help you gain some extra confidence. Your smile will look great once you remove some of those coffee stains that you got from drinking your morning coffee every single day.

You Don’t Want to Cause Damage With a DIY Kit

Overuse of DIY kits can lead to sensitive teeth and even long-term teeth damage. Using a professional to get your teeth whiter can help keep your teeth healthy while still giving you the whiter smile you desire. This is one of the most important reasons to use a dentist to whiten teeth. It’s important to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently weakening the enamel on your teeth in your quest for a great smile.


It’s important to look for teeth whitening near me if you want to use a professional to get your teeth looking whiter. These dentists are trained in different ways to whiten teeth while trying to reduce the amount of sensitivity you’ll experience. Because they can also keep an eye on your oral health, they’ll be able to whiten your teeth quickly for a big event, as a reward for kicking your smoking habit, and with minimal damage.


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