Essential Services to Look For in Hospice Care for Your Loved Ones


Learning that you are going to lose a loved one due to a terminal illness can be heart-wrenching for you and your family. When the advancement of disease has gotten to the point where it cannot be cured and the life expectancy of the patient has gone down to less than a year, extra support and care systems will need to be put in place. One such support system is hospice care.

The decision on when to begin hospice care is arrived at after conversations between the family and the patient. Sometimes there might be sentiments of resistance from the patient, the doctors, or the caregivers because it feels like going to hospice is giving up. It however should not be viewed as such since active treatment can still be given while in hospice. Hospice care is also founded on the notion that death is a part of life and we should accept it and make the best provision for a comfortable transition.

A good way of helping through this transition is finding hospice care near me so that you are in close contact with each other. When seeking to choose the best hospice care like Inspire Hospice Care, here are some essential services to look out for:

Palliative care and symptom control:

A good hospice care near me will give you or your patient a supportive system that regulates and manages symptoms while giving comfort care. This process will help to manage the symptoms as best as possible by relieving pain and stress from thinking about death. The patients will have options to choose from in their palliative care and caregivers also help to curate the palliative care as much as possible.

Home care and inpatient hospice care:

An advantage of seeking the services of a hospice care near me is that you can easily alternate between home care and in-patient services as deemed necessary. You may have the patient stay in hospice care when extra attention is needed or when it is the easier way to deal with your grief. When you feel ready, you can then transition into home care services. The in-home services will include personal care, managing your medication, and counseling services to help cope with the situation.

Medications and Supplies:

In alignment with reducing symptoms and offering the best palliative care, a good hospice will need to have the relevant medications and supplies available. The medication includes that to help alleviate pain, nausea, and other symptoms while still keeping the patient conscious enough to enjoy spending time with their family members and make rational decisions. The supplies will be used in both in-home and in-patient care. Equipment such as wheelchairs and beds should also be available to help assist with patient care and comfort.

Family communication systems:

Part of getting through palliative care is having the support of family and regular communication between the two. Good hospice care near me should have systems in place to support this. Some may use applications that ensure all key family members are updated on the progress of the patient.

Housekeeping Services:

The final essential service to consider is the methods of keeping the house clean. You will want to choose hospice care that is well kept and comfortable. Regular vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, and general cleaning should be part of the hospice services rhythm. The beds and lines of the patient should also be changed and made well.


Hospice care is a difficult time for family members, caregivers, and patients. As grief begins to approach and the loss of a loved one is imminent, there is sometimes very little that can be done to change the situation. The best that can be done is to make sure that the hospice care given to the patient is top-notch and most comfortable. This way, their journey to death can be easier on both you and them in some way.


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