Choosing the Right Spa Equipment For Your Esthetics Program



Licensed estheticians know that their professional practice would fail if clients didn't see results from services. Results are at the top of every modern client's wishlist; thus, results are the lifeblood of every master esthetician’s practice. Technology is changing the landscape of virtually every industry, and esthetics is no exception. 

New Spa Technologies 

With advancements in technology, the need for trained professionals becomes even more paramount. That being said, the general public should thank their lucky stars that licensed estheticians exist because, without them, these technologies could do severe damage if a layperson tried to treat themself.

Investing in Your Spa Business

As a licensed esthetician, bringing new spa equipment into your esthetics program is not something you can take lightly. It is an investment. When you make decisions surrounding which esthetics devices and facial equipment best suit your practice, approach the topic with thoughtful care and consideration. 

How will you know what spa equipment is right for your practice?

Spa Equipment

Key factors in choosing a machine or tool for your spa:
  • Your Client Demographic
  • Your Space & Storage
  • Your Bottom Line
  • Verify Licenses


Ready to go a little deeper into the decision-making process?

Your Spa and Salon Client Demographic

Scrolling through Instagram or browsing the internet, you probably get loads of sponsored posts and ads for shiny new facial devices and esthetician equipment to add to your esthetics program. There’s no harm in looking at all these tools & devices! 

Once you seriously start thinking about investing in your practice, you have to get real about whether or not your clientele will be enthusiastic about the new service. If your practice is in a college town and most of your appointments are for hydrating facials, an esthetics device that targets wrinkles and anti-aging might not be at the top of your wishlist. 

However, it’s worth noting the benefit of keeping an open mind. There might be some tools that don’t immediately jump out at you, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth considering. Perhaps if you ask clients for feedback, it’s possible you’ll find that they have problem areas they hadn’t mentioned before. Sounds like an opportunity to increase the value of future services booked!

Your Space & Storage for Spa Equipment

Spa Equipment

This may seem like a no-brainer, but space and storage are real limitations that you must consider. Some clinics have the luxury of entire rooms that are dedicated to device storage. However, many master estheticians barely even have space the size of a coat closet to keep tools and machines when they aren’t in use. 

Health and beauty category

So, with your space in mind, the next time you find a new item that you’re thinking about investing in, ask yourself, “Where will I store this?” If the answer is easy, and you have the space to store it, great! 

One more note on space and storage before we move on-keep in mind the portability of the tool or device. Plus infrared sauna device from MiHigh. If it’s something like a small pen, obviously space & portability aren’t your concern. However, if it’s an esthetics device that requires a power source and is a little on the larger side, begin to consider how you’ll move it from room to room (a nice, wheeled cart, perhaps?).

Your Bottom Line

If  2020 taught us anything, it’s that even with the best-laid plans, sometimes things can go wrong. It’s completely understandable if you’re more hesitant about how you allocate business funds now than before the pandemic. When it comes to financial forecasting in your practice, unfortunately, there’s just no way of knowing when an investment will start being profitable. 

The best you can do is take a look at your financials (with your accountant or business planner if you have one) and sketch out some scenarios of how and when you think the new spa equipment you’re eyeing will pay for itself and start making you money.

Verify Licenses

Usually, if a tool, device, or spa supplies are advertised for esthetic use, you’d assume as a licensed esthetician that it’s safe and legal for you to incorporate into your spa business. Needless to say, you want to make a well-informed decision for your practice. So consider double-checking before you make a significant investment in a piece of equipment. You definitely don’t want to deal with the ramifications of operating a device that is not covered under the scope of your license in your state.


So you’re excited to get back into the treatment room and give your clients the amazing services they’re used to receiving from you. In the last year, you’ve probably seen a lot of interesting new esthetics devices and modalities that you’re curious about bringing into your esthetics program. It makes perfect sense that you might be in the right place to consider a new investment that you’ll love using.

Before you commit to any new tool or gadget, remember the factors that will help you make a sound decision. First, imagine how your client base would react to the newly added service option. You know your demographics, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Next, think about where and how you’re going to store the modality when not in use. It might seem trivial to mention, but space and usability matter. 

Then, seriously run and analyze numbers to gain an understanding of how and when this investment in new spa equipment will pay off. This doesn’t have to be tough or time-consuming. If you don’t have an accountant or business partner who is good with numbers, just do some research online for how to calculate an investment payoff. 

Finally, keep in mind licensing. You might think you have that base covered at all times, but it never hurts to verify so you can rest assured that your license is in good standing. A master esthetician knows-- it’s all in the details.

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