What You Need To Know About Nasopharyngeal Cancer


Cancer, abnormal cellular growth, is one of the major causes of death in the world. But this modern age has given us the possibility of identifying, examining, and treating cancer patients. Nasopharyngeal Cancer is one of the cancer diseases that can prove to be fatal. For doctors to cure the underlying problem, they first have to examine the strength of cancer and how they can tackle it. Doctors rely on platforms like Take2 Health for identifying cancer problems. This article tells you about the testing procedures for NPC cancer, so keep reading!

Diagnosis Of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

The patient doesn’t easily identify nasopharyngeal cancer as it’s a rare cancer. Nasopharyngeal Cancer starts at the upper part of your throat, which is just behind your nose. Most of the time, the patients visit the doctor and report that they feel a lump in their neck. Some patients complain about having a stuffy nose.

Such patients tell the doctors that they don’t have a cold but still have the same feeling. Doctors start the diagnosis by first examining, ensuring that there’s no problem in the ENT unit. Because it’s important to have proper tools for this examination, some doctors refer to the npc cancer blood test hong kong for a proper understanding of the patient’s condition.

Involvement Of Medical History

As mentioned earlier, it is not easier for the doctors to identify NPC cancer in the patient. That’s why they rely on the Medical History of a patient to ensure whether their guess is right or not. They look for the symptoms and ask the patient to provide their complete medical history. The medical record discloses if their family lineage has some cases of NPC cancer, what medical conditions a patient had in the past, and whether the patient is allergic to anything. After this initial examination, the doctors can refer the patient to Take2 Health system.

Proper Physical Exam

After identifying the important aspects of the medical history, a doctor then proceeds to a complete Physical Examination. The role of this examination is very important in the identification of NPC cancer. Doctors look for any signs of NPC cancer that a patient might show. Proper Nasopharynx examination takes place. The head and neck region is of special attention to doctors during the examination. Doctors also look for any signs in the lymph nodes and facial muscles. After this physical exam, the doctors may refer the patient for npc cancer blood test hong kong.

Nasopharynx Examination

The biggest reason doctors find it difficult to identify NPC cancer is the inability to directly examine the nasopharynx. But to find out whether the threat is real or not, doctors have to access the nasopharynx the right way. The two ways of examining the Nasopharynx are Direct and Indirect nasopharyngoscopy. The goal of both these examinations is to enable the doctors to check if there’s any bleeding, abnormal growths, or any other indicators of NPC cancer.

Types Of Tests

Testing is the best way for doctors to identify NPC cancer in patients. Imaging tests use X-Ray, magnetic fields, etc., that help doctors understand the patient’s condition. Doctors may need to take the tests to identify if there’s any progress in the patient.

X-Ray Test

One of the deadliest things about NPC cancer is that it can spread to a patient’s lungs. For doctors to ensure the patient’s safety, they have to check if the NPC cancer has spread to the lungs. Doctors do the X-Ray Test of the patient, which shows if the cancer has spread to the lungs. A negative report typically means that cancer hasn’t spread to the lungs of the patient. However, if some signs persist, doctors may refer the patient to Take2 Health.

CT Scan Test

X-Ray tests can only produce images that show one side of the body. CT Scan differs from X-Ray because they can easily provide cross-sectional body images, which give detailed body images. Instead of an X-Ray test, the CT scan shows the doctors the exact size of the tumor. Doctors also can identify the shape and location of the tumor with a CT scan. In some cases, the lymph nodes may also be increased in size, a sign of cancer present in the body. These benefits make CT scans different from npc cancer blood test hong kong.

MRI Scan Test

MRI scans are more detailed and better than CT Scans as they are not harmful like CT scans or X-Ray tests; both these tests use X-Rays that damage the body in the long run. MRI uses magnetic rays, which shows the nasopharynx in a much better way. In rare NPC cases, doctors may need to do X-Ray, CT scans, and MRI tests to better assess the patient’s condition.

Blood Testing

Blood Testing is not used for NPC cancer testing because they can’t primarily detect NPC cancer. But the doctors still recommend npc cancer blood test hong kong as these tests help ensure that cancer hasn’t spread to the other parts of the body. Blood testing has long been used to check for vitals and the signs of disease or recovery of a patient. In NPC cancer patients, doctors use blood tests to check for various problems that cancer patients face, like nutrition problems.


NPC cancer is not easy to identify in patients. Doctors have to go through a detailed examination to identify this cancer. They also have to take a series of tests that help them do a thorough examination of the patient. However, doctors can’t help you at all if you are not caring for yourself first. It means that you must report any unusual activity in your body as soon as you can. Talk to your doctor about your health condition before things get complicated and you’re at the point of no return. Include activities in your life that inhibit growth so you can live your life to the fullest. Stopping the cancer in the beginning is way better than suffering from it. Happy living!


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