4 Advantages of Regular Home Visits from a Castle Hill Physiotherapist


There are a lot of fun things to do in Castle Hill on your day off. Have fun with friends and family at the Treetop Adventure Park, or drive them crazy at the nearby Thornleigh Golf and Driving Range Centre. You can also have a relaxing dinner time at the Pavilion Theater with Zone Bowling to cap up your day. But if you are on the injury bench, a long rest and treatment time is probably in the works for you.

If you are recovering post-operation or a sports-related accident, you understandably have limited mobility. Physical therapy and the tools to maintain the recovery comes from an expert, such as a physiotherapist. But since you cannot go out as much, it is recommended that you get a Castle Hill physio to strengthen your bones and muscles to improve your quality of life. The advantages of physiotherapy home visits are the following.

The patient is safe in the comforts of home. 

People say that home is where the heart is. The saying is proven correct, more so for those who require recuperative physical healing. They are on familiar ground, and there are fewer distractions at home. More focus is given to the treatments, ensuring that there is an improvement in every session.

The travel time to and from the hospital can be quite strenuous at this time. Imagine the pain and suffering you have to go through. You are lucky if you have someone to drive you to the physiotherapist. But what if you need to take yourself to the clinic while in so much pain? So it is recommended to have the physiotherapist visit you at home for the treatments.

It saves the patient time and money. 

While it seems that home visits are expensive, it is not. There is no need for you to gas up your car or pay the fare for a Hillsbus to take you to the clinic and back to your house afterwards.

It is more convenient for both the patient and the physiotherapist. 

The mobility-disabled patient is more at risk the moment he/she takes one step out of the house. Everything outside the home is unsafe. They are immediately susceptible to infection via germs, bacteria, and viruses. Or worse, they may tread on a stone or a plank lying around in the garden and have a sprain. The thought-shuddering possibilities are endless. The injured person should stay at home and wait for the therapist to wield his magic treatment on them.

It gives more access to people with disabilities, specifically patients who use wheelchairs. 

Australia tries to become more inclusive by being disability-friendly, and Castle Hill is one of the suburbs that comply with their Council’s strict safety standards. But all people in a wheelchair have unique needs. For instance, if the physiotherapist holds office in a two-story clinic, how will the patient go up? Is there an elevator solely for the mobility-challenged patient, or is there at least a short ramp beside the regular stairs?

Unfortunately, some buildings take time to comply with regulations. Avoid the inconvenience by having a physiotherapist do your therapy at home.

With recent trends in Australian healthcare, going for home physical therapy in Sydney just got better. So if you are raring to visit The Edge Rock Climbing or Flip Out Trampoline soon, make it your motivation to heal faster. Remember, your physiotherapist is just a phone call away.

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Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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4 Advantages of Regular Home Visits from a Castle Hill Physiotherapist
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