In astrology, one of the factors that rule a person's life and personality is their element. Each sun sign has a classical element that influences it. The four classical elements are water, earth, fire and air. The air signs may be more strongly associated with the spring season and lightness. The three zodiac signs that are considered air signs are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Each of these sun signs has the influence of the air sign within their lives and daily interactions.

What Kind of Person Is an Air Sign?

People who have an air sign in their birth chart reading may share some common personality traits. The air signs are known for being highly intellectual. They enjoy learning about new topics and diving deeper into complex concepts. They also may excel with communication. Air signs are capable of discussing their thoughts and sharing their ideas in a positive way. In most situations, air signs are carefree and easygoing, but if someone offends them, they may give them the cold shoulder. 


The Aquarius sun sign is one of the signs of the zodiac associated with air. People born under this sign have birthdays from January 20th to February 18th. The Aquarius personality is one marked by a deep interest in intellectual topics and a strong passion for helping others. In relationships, an Aquarius may value their freedom over everything. They also are intrigued by deep conversations with potential romantic partners. In social settings, they are friendly and easy to get along with. Sometimes they may come across as too temperamental or aloof.


Birthdays between May 20th and June 21st are the Gemini sign. Geminis may appear to have dual personalities at times. This air sign may come across as indecisive or inconsistent. Despite this, Geminis are pretty resilient and adaptable in most situations. Geminis feel connected to people when they have deeper conversations. They are social and open-minded. Some Geminis feel like their romantic partner or spouse is their other half and are incomplete without them. They are lost when they are alone, especially after the death of a spouse or partner. They are open to connecting with deceased loved ones and exploring psychic readings.


The last of the air signs is the Libra. Libra birthdays fall between September 23rd and October 22nd. Libras excel in maintaining the peace and helping others communicate more effectively. They believe in fairness and equity and strive for those goals in their relationships and friendships. A life path reading may reveal that they work well in groups and teams and have success in their careers if they have a job that uses these strengths. They can sometimes be indecisive and focus too much on their own problems without seeing what's around them. They may also hold a grudge for a long time if they feel they've been treated unfairly. 

Understanding your sun sign's element may help you learn more about your future, potential goals and approach to life. The air sign is a complex individual who needs to communicate with the people around them and advocates for the fair treatment of others.



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