In hospitals and other medical settings, a healthcare assistant is responsible for providing care to patients. Under the supervision of licensed medical professionals, they work closely with their patients and perform certain clinical tasks. As part of their job, they must observe, monitor and record the patient's condition by taking temperature, pulse and weight. The average wage of a healthcare assistant in the United States is $55,720.

According to Job Outlook, the number of healthcare workers is expected to increase over the next five-year period. A career as a support worker in healthcare is rewarding and stable.

What are the most important qualities of a good healthcare assistant?


It is important to monitor the progress of elderly patients or those who have been injured. Not to overlook even minor symptoms that could indicate a serious problem is equally important. Attention to detail is a crucial quality for a good health care assistant. Good healthcare assistants not only check vital signs but also thoroughly examine their patients. This also puts the main caregiver of the patient at ease. They can feel confident that their loved ones are in good hands when they notice the health care assistant is meticulous, professional and attentive.

Endurance, physical strength

Physically demanding careers as Healthcare Assistants are possible. The shifts can be longer than 9-5. You'll be on your feet performing many tasks. These include assisting patients to move from one place to another and supporting the body weight of a patient. It can be physically demanding, so you should take care of your feet and your mental and physical well-being.

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Home Care Workers are granted the privilege of entering their patients' homes. It's important that the healthcare assistant is trustworthy and that both the patient (and their main caregiver) are comfortable with them being there. No matter how difficult the job, a successful Healthcare Aide will always be reliable and professional. You can trust them with your patient and their property. They will treat both with respect. They are always professional and provide quality care.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication is key when working with patients who have cognitive impairments such as dementia. Successful Healthcare Aides speak clearly, use simple vocabulary and remain patient and positive to ensure that patients feel comfortable taking direction. Active listening is also essential. It is important that the healthcare assistant actively listens to their patient and responds appropriately. Interpersonal skills are important. Healthcare aides will work with people every day, and often for long periods of time. Your patient may not have any other social contact, so you need to make it a positive experience for them and for yourself.

Compassion, empathy and kindness

Compassion, empathy and kindness are perhaps the most important traits a healthcare assistant can possess. You may be denying your patient the social interaction that they require. Maybe their family and friends live far away or don't come as often as they would like. Your companionship is even more valuable in this situation. You may be their highlight of the day. Here, empathy is the key. Be sure to let your patient know that you understand their feelings and that they're not alone. Enjoy your time together, listen, be patient and attentive, and above all, have fun! Ask your client to tell you their favorite book and then read it out loud. Spend a rainy day playing board and card games with a cup tea. You'll both enjoy the time spent together if you make your visits a positive one.

Career outcomes include:


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