How to Prepare Well For an NDIS Audit


The NDIS audit process for registration and renewal can be confusing for many. If you are an NDIS provider, you need to make efforts to know the different processes involved in its audit. Here are some ideas to help you prepare well for NDIS audits.

Understand the Difference between Verification and Certification

Whether the audit is for verification or certification depends on the registration group you are applying for. It is the most critical aspect of the audit process. The significant difference between the two is the way the audit is conducted.

  • The audit for verification is off-site, and the fees start from $500
  • The audit for certification is on-site, and the fees start from $3000.

You need to apply for NDIS verification and certification every three years. A small audit for certification and verification is conducted every year.

Represent Right Size of Your Organisation

The online NDIS application may require you to answer a few questions related to the organisation. These questions are aimed to predict the size of your organisation. The answers you give to the online questions will determine the fees for the NDIS audit.

The NDIS auditors will levy a higher fee for the audit if you mention more participants and support. You need to provide the right number of participants in the online questionnaire. It will ensure the answers do not overestimate the size of your organisation.

Start Preparing Early

After the date for the audit is finalised, an NDIS provider needs to start preparing for the audit. You can start with self-assessment for the registration process. You need to match the evidence with the related response in the self-assessment questionnaire.

The NDIS Practice Standards can be challenging to understand. Several online resources will help you understand the requirements better. These resources also help in supplying evidence. You may also use online tools to prioritise audit preparation.

Call an Expert

The NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and audit process may be difficult to understand. You need time and practice to understand the requirements and prepare for the audit.

If you are confused about NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and audit process, consider seeking the help of an expert. The earlier you take the advice of an expert, the more time the consultant would have to understand your circumstances and help you.

Use Stage 1 in Preparation for Stage 2

The NDIS audit has several stages. Stage 1 of the NDIS audit identifies the areas of concern. The first stage also starts addressing the issues before moving to Stage 2. You need to adopt a specific approach to address the concerns. Here are some common strategies used:

  • Think about the areas of concern. Document your analysis.
  • Do you have document compliance? The documentation should address each stage of the process – policy, implementation, practice, and review.
  • You should have a continuous improvement plan. The problems should be dealt with methodically.

Conduct Risk Assessments

NDIS auditors prepare a report for NDIS providers if the latter neglects risk assessments. Risk assessment is an essential element in NDIS Practice Standards. It is part of the processes, starting from policy formulation to reviews. If there are a lot of risks in your operations, document them, and deal with them methodically.

  • Identify the risk area
  • Identify the risks
  • Evaluate the risks
  • Treat the risks where appropriate
  • If you decide to accept the risks, document the reasons

The NDIS audits are stressful for NDIS providers for several reasons. But, you can reduce the stress and pass the audit successfully by following the tips given in the post.

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