Precautionary Rules for Dental Clinics in Ontario


A lot of people are wondering when will dental clinics in Ontario open. They are waiting to avail of the dental facilities so that they can undergo dental checkups. Keeping in mind the present condition in Ontario, dental clinics are yet to open. The provincial authority hasn't announced anything related to dental facilities till now, but has issued the precautionary measures which must be followed by doctors, patients, and health workers. Reopening Canada's dental clinics mean investing after a lot of safety types of equipment to protect the health of all workers and doctors. Several dental clinics in other provinces like Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia have reopened even though there are serious PPE shortages. Meanwhile, Ontario still awaits to get consent from the provincial government to offer non-emergency services.

Doctors say saliva has the maximum chances of transmitting the virus. For this reason, every dental clinic must be equipped with the necessary precautionary measures. In this article, we will see the precautions which have been issued, keeping in mind the safety of the doctors and health workers. Needless to say, dental clinics have a high risk of spreading the virus if not carefully planned and managed.

In Canada, emergency dental facilities will be provided in red zone areas. Orange and green zone areas are comparatively safer to provide consultancy services but that also will be provided if urgently needed, following proper preventive measures. For the time being, dentists are only offering essential services. But people are hoping that dental clinics would open.

We have listed below the new guidelines and precautions which have been issued to let the dental clinics continue their work, without spreading the virus.

In Aurora, all dental clinics will practice social distancing, frequent hand sanitising and equipping health workers with sufficient personal protective equipment.  If you are having a severe crisis to visit to a dentist, you can visit Dawson Dental Aurora for the immediate help.

In Alberta, no physical contact is permitted between doctors and patients, for example, they aren't allowed to shake their patient's hand when they leave. After every patient leaves, the office will be disinfected, especially the surfaces which the patients have touched.

In Manitoba, patients have been asked to wait in their vehicles unless called. They will be taken straight to the operatory room upon arrival.

Health and beauty category

Most provinces have decided to undergo a pre-scheduled screening of doctors and health workers to determine their present health condition. Health workers who are asymptomatic to the virus wouldn't have to undergo any checkup before resuming to work. The advisory issued in this regard, says that doctors and health workers, who are treating people must take HCQ prophylaxis in required amounts.

Below given is a detail of the outlined guidelines and precautions which everyone must follow to continue their duties, without getting the virus.

It's important to maintain natural air circulation inside the clinic and keep all doors and windows open. Doctors can even use a separate exhaust blower to release the room air outside.

According to the precautionary measures, ceiling fans shouldn't be switched on while a patient's checkup is on progress. One can place a table fan behind the patient to allow airflow towards the patient. One can also use an exhaust fan to one-directional airflow away from the patient. The air conditioners must be inspected frequently and filters must be cleaned. The clinics must be kept as clean as possible. All doors and windows of the dental clinics should be kept open to allow the circulation of fresh air.

Not only in the entranced of all dental clinics, but also elevators, parking lots, and other places, visual alerts must be put up regarding cough etiquette, respiratory hygiene, social distancing. Also, the placards must demonstrate how to dispose of used items safely. Every dental clinic should ensure the availability of abundant three-layer masks, tissue papers, hand sanitizers at the staff desk, and nearby hygiene stations. Also, chairs must be kept at least a meter away from each other.

Further, the guidelines emphasised that no patient should wear any wristwatches, jewellery, or carry bags and accessories. Also, they must use their washrooms at their houses and avoid using public ones. They shouldn't even use the washrooms of the dental clinics unless urgently needed. Needless to say, everyone should wear masks.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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