On a Scale From 1 to 10: Most Painful Medical Conditions

Doctors who have worked with patients in different circumstances are witnesses of the amount of pain that a patient can experience. The medical professionals at Icon Medical Centers have had to deal with patients in the aftermath of severe accidents and have also compiled a list of conditions capable of triggering unimaginable pain. Here are some that have made it to the top of the list in no particular order.

Pain After Chest Surgery

Almost half of those who have chest surgery go on to develop chronic pain. They must not only endure the pain they feel while at the hospital and the incisions are fresh but must take that pain home with them and learn to live with it. Doctors advise these patients not to try to tough it out but to be open about what they are feeling from day one so that they may learn how to manage acute pain and avoid long-term problems.

Kidney Stones

Anyone who has not experienced the excruciating pain provoked by a kidney stone may have a hard time grasping the potential degree of pain that such a small bit of mass can produce. If you are trying to pass a kidney stone, take painkillers as prescribed and drink plenty of liquids to allow it to move down and out. Once the stone is out, the pain subsides almost immediately.

Chronic Lower-Back Pain

9 out of 10 patients who experience lower-back pain recover from it relatively quickly. Those who do not, refer to this pain as life-altering. Some physicians believe that stress and anxiety play a role in the persistence of this pain but it is difficult for patients to break the vicious cycle of pain-anxiety-stress-more pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a common side-effect of having diabetes. It is damage to the tips of the nerves that run to the toes or fingers and many patients have compared it to walking on a field of sharp razor blades. Patients may receive anti-seizure medications to calm their nerves. They are also encouraged to exercise to improve blood flow.

Cancer Pain

Although many cancers are not painful at the beginning, receiving chemotherapy or having the disease advance does come with a great amount of pain.


If you had chickenpox as a child, the virus that causes shingles is already in your system. Those who have experienced the pain of shingles describe it as pure torture. Even when the initial rash goes away, patients may still feel intense burning nerve pain that is almost impossible to treat.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Conditions such as tumors or infections can trigger intense pain in the trigeminal nerve. The sensation is carried from the face to the brain, making the face feel as though it is on fire. The pain tends to come every few minutes, often affecting the right side of the face. In this case, anti-seizure medication may offer some relief.

Inflamed Bladder

Also known as interstitial cystitis, this condition has patients feeling as though their pelvic area is burning and is accompanied by an urge to urinate many times a day. Doctors recommend anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and nerve stimulation to give patients some relief from this painful condition.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

People experiencing this condition usually had a simple injury or trauma. It might have been something as common as a broken arm or a twisted ankle. The pain starts in a small area that swells and then spreads through the arm or leg, making it feel like it is being burned by a blow torch. The pain is so severe that those who suffer from this condition cannot even handle the barest touch of fabric against their affected limb. Doctors have had a tough time understanding why or when this condition develops. Patients who have this pain are given medication, rehab, and neuro-stimulation. Even with this potent combination, some patients are unable to get rid of the excruciating pain.

Cluster Headaches

Although migraines are quite debilitating, cluster headaches are even more so. They start with a sudden pain that centers around one eye or one side of the head and a single episode may occur in clusters that last weeks or months. It is common for patients who suffer from this condition to consider committing suicide as the only way they know to get rid of their pain. The cause of this debilitating and painful condition has not been identified. Those who have the misfortune of suffering from these headaches are prescribed calcium-channel blockers, steroids, or anti-seizure medications. Most sufferers tend to be men.


Just as intense as some of the conditions described above, some women have described childbirth as excruciatingly painful. The pain tends to peak during contractions, lingering in between and sometimes making it difficult for women to push. Many women prefer to go through the pain rather than being given painkillers as the baby is being born. Non-medication methods to help them through this stage of labor include changing positions and applying counter pressure or warm compresses.


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