5 Nutritional Foods To Keep You Super Warm Even During Chilly Winters

As winter approaches, the needs of our bodies also change. Scientifically speaking, our nerves send impulses to our brain about the temperature of our skin. Our body then reacts to the change in the temperature. Unlike summer, now we need to protect ourselves from cold and also from the deadly coronavirus. 

But how do we exactly do that? By keeping our body warm and maintaining good immunity. We are here to help you with a winter nutritional foods that will help in maintaining the warmth of our bodies even during super chilly winters.

1.Nutritious eggs

There’s a reason why eggs are called superfoods around the world. They not only provide energy to the body but are also very rich in protein and vitamins. This keeps our body warm and healthy. Eggs are mostly in demand during the winter months, especially the yellow part, which is called yolk. Thanks to the fact that it has the most amount of proteins and fibres and, if eaten adequately, can cause heat production in the human body. A perfect item for the chills, aren't they?

2. Good quality honey

Honey contains natural sugar that is warming in nature. Regular intake of this magical potion can be beneficial in keeping our bodies warm. So not just for our taste buds, honey is essential for procuring some heat inside us as well. Consuming it also helps in improving cholesterol as it is rich in antioxidants.

One can consume honey directly, with warm water (helps in regulating ideal weight), or in the form of beverages like mead wine. For the uninitiated, check out mead vs wine to know the difference. If purchasing a mead is difficult in and around your neighbourhood -- you can buy mead online. Not only is this process faster, but considering that it's good quality, you also save some money!

3. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are extremely rich in fibre, plant protein, and multiple types of vitamins. These help a lot in the formation of blood cells, reducing inflammation and blood pressure, and maintaining the health of your bones. An Indian sweet dish called 'chikki' is prepared from sesame seeds, you may try consuming it during the winter months.

4. Some root vegetables and ginger

Root vegetables like turnip, radish, and sweet potatoes help a lot in keeping your body warm as the digestion process of these vegetables takes a lot of time, thus producing more heat in the body. Ginger, due to its thermogenic properties, not only helps in keeping the body warm but also provides aid to metabolism. It also helps in increasing blood circulation in one's body. Sounds helpful, right? 

For best results, have a hot cup of tea with ginger every morning and evening, and you are all set for the day ahead!

5. Dry Fruits

For maintaining good overall health, dry fruits are the way to go. We know the usual suspects. These are almonds, cashews, and raisins. They are super-rich in vitamins and iron, so they keep the body warm! Not only this, but they also help in fighting various diseases. One example of this is Anemia.

6. Hot food and hot soup!

Foods to keep you super warm

No winter food is complete without the mention of hot food! Hot food plays quite an important role in a layman's winter diet. The best way to avoid the cold is to leave out food from the last meal, and eat only freshly prepared food. 

Also, try to drink hot soups with veggies! You can add some spices for taste as these will help you with your sore throats and cold. (We know you've been having those!) A cup of tea with spices like ginger and cadmium is simply enticing, isn't it? Another option is to have some hot coffee which also does a great job in maintaining your immunity and keep you strong during the winters.


Phew, that was our short guide on nutrition products which you should consume during winter. Heat does the body well, so make sure you get enough of it. Just like fireplaces, our bodies need ample warmth too! If you have some useful suggestions or know a remedy, that can help others, then do comment down below! Have a happy, healthy, fulfilling winter!

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