Nursing Specialities That Are In-Demand Today 


Today, the UK is facing a chronic shortage of nurses, and it shows no signs of immediate recovery. A shortage of nursing skills means more opportunities for nurses working for a nursing agency in London. Recruiters are now looking to bring on talented individuals to maintain the front-line services and respond to heightened demand. So, now may the right time for you to consider specialising in a particular nursing field. Read on to know more about the nursing specialities in demand.

A&E Nurses

A&E nurses are the first point of contact for the patients and their families in the emergency department. This highly pressured role will have you care for patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Most of these patients are either critical or in a highly anxious state. As an A&E nurse with a nursing agency in London, your first task is to understand the emergency situation that landed the patient in your hospital.

You will then have to measure vital signs like blood pressure and temperature. Once you have established the problem, it is time to begin the treatment or redirect the patient to the appropriate department in the hospital. A&E nurses are responsible for the complete wellbeing of a patient as long as he/she is in the emergency department.

Often, a three-year undergraduate nursing degree is required for you to qualify as an A&E nurse. You can choose from many specialities like child nursing, adult nursing, and mental health nursing. Most courses include a strong element of practice for helping you gain the first-hand experience of caring for patients.

You will also need to possess exceptional interpersonal skills, be capable of handling other’s behaviour, and reassure patients or their families in stressful situations. It is also necessary to be adaptable, flexible, and provide a quick response to any situation that may arise.

Paediatric Nurses

Registered neonatal and paediatric nurses are increasingly being sought after today. Consistent demand has forced to implement strict nurse-to-patient ratios that help paediatric nurses perform their duties with greater efficiency. You can become a paediatric nurse through pre-registration nursing degrees that are available in four different branches – adult, children, mental health, and learning disability.

You will have to decide on the particular branch before applying for a three or four-year programmes. If you are planning to move into paediatric nursing from another speciality, then you need to take up a short university-based programme for registered nurses.

Paediatric nurses take up a range of responsibilities like observing, assessing, and reporting on the patients’ condition. You will also have to prepare your patients for operations, record the vital signs, administer injections and drugs, assist with evaluations and tests, and respond to emergencies.

As a paediatric nurse, it is your duty to explain the treatment procedure to the parents or carers and obtain their consent for the same. It is imperative to observe strict hygiene and ensure the visitors also comply with the rules of the ward.

Theatre Nurse

As a theatre nurse, you will be involved in every phase of a patient’s operation. You will be providing high standards of care and support during every stage of perioperative care. As such, you will have to ensure that the patients are fully informed about the risks and benefits of the operation. They also have to be in a good state of health before operating. You will be giving opportunities for the patient to ask questions to prevent late cancellations and wastage of resources. You will also be supporting the anaesthetist while preparing specialist drugs, equipment, and devices.

This job will require you to perform an initial level of patient assessment before surgery. The surgical and recovery phase will have theatre nurses work with the surgeon, handle complex instruments, and monitor patient’s health post-surgery.

While you will be primarily working in operating theatres and anaesthetic areas, you may also be asked to work on procedures inwards or other specialist areas like cardiac catheterisation units.

Becoming a theatre nurse will need you to be registered as a child, adult, learning disability, or mental health nurse. You can later take up specialist training by including courses that consolidate your specialist skills as a theatre nurse.

General Practice Nurses

These nurses are a part of the primary healthcare team and work in GP surgeries. You will be working alongside other healthcare professionals like pharmacists, dietitians, and doctors. Larger practices may want you to be one of the many practice nurses while sharing responsibilities and duties.

You will be involved in duties like obtaining blood samples, performing electrocardiograms, complex and minor wound management, child immunisation and advice, family planning, and responsibilities concerning women’s health. As you gain experience, this role can lead you to become a senior practice nurse or an advanced nurse practitioner.

The number of nursing jobs and training opportunities continue to grow in the UK. Use this opportunity to take charge of your career and begin your journey to specialisation today!

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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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