If you're keen on spreading wellness and making this world a healthier and safer place for everyone, a career in public health might be a well-suited option for you. Working in the public health sector aims to promote health and prevention on a general note rather than having to treat sick patients. Professionals with the necessary knowledge, compassion, and credentials frequently find working in public health incredibly fulfilling, even though it can sometimes be difficult and demanding.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for public health professionals reached a massive height. As of now, public health professionals are the need of the hour. As career options vary, it makes sense to step into this field, from direct medical assistance to management to advanced research. Are you interested in learning more?

Here are some of the top in-demand public health careers you need to consider today if you have a relevant degree:

1. Community Health Worker

Suppose you appreciate organizing, listening, gathering data, and working closely with patients to locate and take advantage of essential health services. In that case, this position might be a good fit. The job of a community health worker is to serve as a link between a community and an organization. Their major role is to make it simpler for community members to receive essential health services. They may occasionally even provide traditional services like blood pressure checks. Community health workers may also provide health education to improve local groups' general well-being.

You need an undergraduate degree in public health and some training for this particular position. Moreover, you can choose to advance your education to acquire more versatile responsibilities as a community health worker. Enrolling in online masters in public health program from an accredited institution can be useful as it will allow you to continue your education and work.

2. Public Health Educator

Public health educators contribute significantly to the healthcare field by helping individuals manage their pre-existing conditions and trying to prevent diseases and illnesses before they occur. So if you share a passion for helping communities and promoting a healthy lifestyle, this career is for you.

Public health educators deal with certain safety and health concerns by taking initiatives and planning health campaigns. Although their job description suggests they directly educate the public, these public health specialists work more administratively, collecting information and developing programs executed by national, local, or state governments.

Furthermore, most jobs for public health educators https://mphdegree.usc.edu/career-options/public-health-educator/ require a four-year degree in public health. An advanced degree would increase the opportunities.

3. Biostatistician

The field of public health is all about statistics and statisticians. To gather information on people and their health, statisticians create trials, surveys, and questionnaires. They will not only gather the data but also evaluate it, report their findings, and produce reports. However, most statisticians are employed in the public sector, research, and development, or the medical area. Biostatisticians use statistics tools to discover questions and solutions related to biology and medicine. They might research newly available medications or illness origins as well.

Furthermore, the greatest preparation for a career as a public health statistician is a combination of a master's degree in statistics combined with sociology, biology, and public health courses.

4. Epidemiologist

If you're a critical thinker, have good research and analyzing skills, and are known for paying attention to detail, an epidemiologist might be your best career choice.

Epidemiologists 1https://www.cdc.gov/careerpaths/k12teacherroadmap/epidemiologists.html identify and investigate the causes of illness and damage among populations to prevent adverse health outcomes through policy, research, and education. An epidemiologist's primary responsibilities include supervising and planning research and data analysis. One of an epidemiologist's most crucial responsibilities is informing the general public and policymakers about their results.

Furthermore, working as an epidemiologist requires a master's degree. The degree could be in epidemiology, public health, or a similar discipline. However, the education must cover some biostatistics, natural science, survey design, and analysis.

5. Public Health Nurse

Becoming a public health nurse is ideal if you are a giver and want to participate in the health and prevention movement. The primary focus of public health nurses is population health, which encompasses disease and impairment prevention and health promotion. These individuals provide care in places including public health agencies, homes, schools, clinics, community health centers, prisons, and more. Their work also includes identifying needs, treatments, and activities promoting population health and avoiding injury, disability, and sickness.

Regarding educational requirements, public health nurses typically hold a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree in nursing.


A career in public health can mean a lot if you want to make a difference in other people's lives and strive for a healthier and more contended world. The best part is that you don't have to be a doctor or a nurse to enter this field. With the right knowledge, training, and credentials, you can improve health outcomes for every community you step into. Moreover, the careers mentioned in this article are not only in-demand but also promise stability, satisfaction, and a high-paying salary. So take the plunge!


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