Nursing medication and administration guidelines


The process of medication delivery includes several components: prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administering, and monitoring. One-third of all medication errors occur during the administration phase of medication delivery.

Nurses need to recognize the challenges they face when administering medications to their patients. Because nurses consistently administer medications, they're well-positioned to prevent medication errors. Nurses must be prepared to not only catch their own errors, but also the errors of healthcare providers, pharmacists, dentist, and others in the chain of medication administration.

Nurses can also ensure a safe environment by reducing distractions, improving lighting, and minimizing noise levels. The area where nurses prepare medications should be quiet and have good lighting. To improve safety, a medication room should have only one medication dispensing system.


1.  Do not pressure your doctor to prescribe drugs that in his or her judgment you do not need.

2.  Do not take prescription drugs on your own or on the advice of friends because your symptoms are just like theirs: Drug therapy must be individualized based on liver and or kidney function, a medicine you currently take, and many other factors.

3. Do not offer drugs prescribed for you to anyone else without a physicians guidance.

4. Do not change the dose or timing of any drug without the advice of your physician except when the drugs appear to be causing an adverse effect.

5. Do not leave it to guess that you have taken your
medicine. Always get dosing calendar

6. Do not continue to take a drug that you feel is causing a problem until you are able to talk with your physician.

7. Do you take any drug while pregnant or nursing a baby until you talk to your doctor or pharmacist?

8. Do not withhold from your doctor information about previous prescription or non-prescription drug used. The doctor will want to know what has helped and what has caused a problem.

9. Do not take any drug in the dark. Identify every dose of medicine carefully inadequate light to be certain you are taking the intended drug.

This section provides a fairly broad range of drug
information intended to fulfill the every day needs of
practicing junior health care workers especially the nurses. It is designed to provide objective information in a formal to facilitate comparisons of drug products. There are many drugs in use, it is therefore not possible for all to be listed in
this article only a very few every day drugs in our environment has been listed here.

If your nurse isn't familiar with a specific medication, many resources are available, including comprehensive drug guides. Hospitals commonly have electronic databases for medications. Smartphone users can consult drug reference applications to research unfamiliar medications.



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