Mental health issues impact every aspect of your life. Patients with mental health issues find support everywhere as pop culture, movies and awareness programs have created alerts to notice.

If you are dealing with depression, stress or anxiety you can divert your mind to some feel-good content online or rent movies to watch that might help fight the blues. There are many movies out there that can give you that rush of good feeling, however, not all of them are available online on the platforms you have. Because of this, you may want to check out something like the best vpn for torrenting so you can download exactly what you are looking to watch for when you need that boost.

However, it should be kept in mind that only the media will not help you deal with your mental health struggles. You need to take proper medications and treatment for your condition before it might get worse. Get yourself evaluated and take prescribed medicines. You can now order your prescription online from pharmacies such as which helps you get your medicine delivered at home. Along with medicines, other therapy options and activities will work for you and you will feel better in no time. We have compiled a list of movies if you are looking for a distraction in case you are feeling down. Let’s take a look.


This movie is about a person who wants to communicate what’s going inside his mind. The movie cat includes Bradley Cooper as Pat, who was previously diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who suffers from mental health issues as well. They both develop liking for each other. Watching this movie is therapeutic if you struggle with your own mental health as it shows that your struggles don’t define you as a person and every person can find love even if they have any emotional baggage. It’s a good idea to watch this one with your spouse on valentine’s day.


This 1938 comedy is a mood lifter classic starring star of the 30s and 40 Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. This is about an heiress who falls for a nerdy palaeontologist who designs a plan to trap the heiress for her money. This cult classic comedy is sure to lift your mood with its hilarious antics. Despite being an old movie, you can find it online and enjoy a good time.


This is a cult classic. E.T directed by Steven Spielberg revolves around a ten-year-old boy Elliot who befriends an extraterrestrial being who manages to keep the being secret and safe from people who want to bring harm to it. While Elliot and E.T can’t communicate in each other’s language, they develop a beautiful friendship with many hurdles and manage to overcome every obstacle with each other’s support. Highly recommended if you are looking for a feel-good movie.


This 1989 rom-com is recommended by top critics if you are looking for a comedy classic. This one is based on a couple starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as Harry and Sally. They both are poles opposite to each other but develop a friendship in 12 years. This one shows that no matter how different you are but your personality makes you unique and you can find love in the most unexpected places.


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