Nurses acquire a central position in the American caregiving industry. Healthcare is one of the USA’s largest departments. NHEA reported that the American government spent some $3.6 trillion on healthcare in 2018. Health expenditures accounted for a massive 17% of the nation’s GDP. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand to produce more efficient healthcare professionals. The nation found its doctors and nurses as frontline soldiers against COVID-19. People still ask how nurses lead the USA in the matter of healthcare. What unique responsibilities make nurses much more critical than other professions in 2020? Let’s find out, shall we?


Nurses assist doctors in providing necessary healthcare to patients. That makes it a much sought-after field and a rewarding career. It’s the nurse’s responsibility to monitor and check on patients and collect medical information about them. As patient care is the primary objective of a nurse, they have to spend a lot of time with their patients. It gives nurses a chance to observe them and administer the doctor-recommended treatment plan. Nurses advocate for their patients and seek the healthiest option for recovery. They also educate patients and console patients’ family members. Here’s a breakdown of the leadership role of nursing explained with much more details.


Nurses help patients understand the nature of their diseases and preventive measures to treat them. This education allows patients to retain their health after getting discharged from the hospital. It’s the nurse’s job to educate patients, their caregivers, and family members. This responsibility motivates nurses to continue their education and pursue higher degrees in medicine. Nurse often choose DNP to become advanced medicinal practitioners. Some benefits of DNP are as follows:

  1. It’s one of the highest credentials to acquire for nurses. The other significant degree to pursue is the Doctor of Philosophy. This advanced education prepares nurses for leadership roles in the future and expands their career opportunities.
  2. A doctorate in the nursing practice opens pathways to high-salary employments for healthcare professionals. During 2010-15, DNP graduates surpassed Ph.D. graduates in number. Nurses can influence national policy with higher education.
  3. A DNP degree also permits nurses to keep up with the ever-changing field of healthcare. So, RNs can update their practices and earn an advanced degree simultaneously. Higher education lets healthcare professionals explore the latest trends in medicine.


Patients trust nurses, and nurses use this trust to ascertain patients’ well-being. Nurse leaders address workplace concerns and promote a patient-centric environment in hospitals. The role of nurse leadership implies overseeing patient care and the promotion of improved healthcare plans. Nurses can apply for online higher education plans – as explained above – to become more effective leaders. These leadership qualities help nurses move into executive positions. Nursing leadership has resulted in reduced medical errors and better staff maintenance. The willingness to take charge and the ability to do so are featured require by nursing leaders.


Advanced education also helps nurses perform their duties as primary caregivers to patients. No wonder patients spend most of their time talking to or being cared for by nurses. A recent study confirms that ICU patients spend 86% of their time with a nurse and 13% with a physician. That’s because nurses shrewdly and accurately observe the relevant changes in a patient’s vitals. They help doctors explain the patient’s condition and allow them to receive the doctor’s best treatment.

Administering therapies and medications isn’t the sole responsibility of a nurse. Nurses mainly deal with the holistic nature of patient care. They also console a patient and provide psychological encouragement to disappointed souls. Nurses’ small talk with patients isn’t just to break the silence in the hallways. It’s a meaningful conversation that helps nurses understand their patient’s psychology. Nurses monitor and observe patients and assist doctors in strategizing treatment plans.


The main priority of a nurse is to advocate on behalf of their patients. Nurses seek to secure the best interests of patients. Patient advocacy motivates them to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and devise the best plans for their patients. Nurses also happen to propose changes and suggest amendments to inpatient treatment plans to improve healthcare in hospitals. That’s why some call patient advocacy “the pillar of nursing. “Patients spend a maximum of their time with them; it is the nurses’ duty to find details doctors have missed. Therefore, the United States wanted to make 80% of nursing staff hold a BSN degree by 2020. It would’ve ensured improved patient care.


There are almost 4 million registered nurses working in the United States right now. Nursing World estimates that one in every 100 Americans is a registered nurse. Nursing is also one of the most trusted professionals, according to some national polls. These healthcare professionals play a crucial role in our country’s medical industry; nurses have diverse responsibilities. These tasks include the promotion of health and prevention of diseases via patient care. Nurses are also patient advocates and contribute to national policy-making strategies. Just like the profession, its definition’s also evolving. What RNs need is an enhanced education and further research collaboration.


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