In the current economic climate, working from home has become a staple for many, whether that be within their current job role or even to make extra income utilizing online platforms. Although working from home is good for many, it comes with its own set of drawbacks, one of which being that it can impact your mental and physical health. Whether this relates to mental stress, your physical health declining due to long periods of inactivity, or even factors like bad posture, it can greatly impact your day to day life. Anything that can free up your time is invaluable, and this is where an online creative suite can take the stage. Utilizing AI to streamline workflows will offer unrivaled capabilities when better leveraging free time to take care of yourself.

What is a creative suite?

Improve Your Mental Health, While Working From Home Utilizing An Online Ai Creative Suite

An online creative suite is a set of tools compiled conveniently in one package to make photo and video editing accessible at home. When considering those powered by AI, such as the one on offer from leading website CapCut, users will be able to approach the top processes in a whole new way; one that is far faster, needs no skill, and minimizes resources and costs (it’s free). Users will be able to:

Use ready made image and video templates

At first glance, a creative suite can seem overly complex, and with many on the market, this is largely true. The CapCut creative suite fortunately stands out among its peers with its smooth operation. Allowing users access to a vast array of editable image and video templates provides a simple and time-saving way of producing professional and concise content in a fraction of the time. Templates won’t require extensive knowledge or experience in impactful layout strategies, service or product placements, or the best use of marketing materials and with this suite, all results are ready made, watermark free, and incredibly straightforward to use.

Auto-generated captions

Auto-captioning is often a majorly overlooked tool, however it’s an integral aspect of editing that can save users a huge amount of time, not only by reducing the transcription time itself, but also by almost entirely negating any chance of error that may occur from human inputs. The in-built AI is able to decipher the deepest of accents, in a multitude of languages, which saves the user ample time. When working from home, this can mean keeping your mental and physical health at its peak while still bringing nothing short of stunning photos and videos for work or leisure.

A simplistic approach to removing unwanted background material

Nowadays, it’s increasingly difficult to obtain usable material that doesn’t include nuisance clutter without some form of editing. The CapCut creative suite provides a straightforward way to remove anything unwanted, whether that be incorrect, irrelevant, or outdated material or branding that could otherwise harm your own content. The intuitive processes allow for the seamless removal of backgrounds, guaranteeing professional level content while also, once again, freeing up your time to be able to focus on your own health.

The use of royalty free sound bites and music tracks

Locating royalty free sound bites and music tracks is becoming increasingly difficult in oversaturated markets, especially as many websites majorly lack transparency when trying to determine rules and constraints around library results. Many work from home roles/projects won’t require the use of music, knowing that it’s there should the need arise.

How can a creative suite boost work from home processes?

The top way that a creative suite will positively impact work from home processes is in its capability to minimize time and up productivity. While this may not seem like a huge deal, working smarter will mean less stress and fewer time constraints. If you have the ability to leverage editing tools, you will be able to think about how to not only work better, but also improve your personal skills and potentially branch out into new spaces. The great news is that the CapCut website has a whole itinerary of photo and video editing tools alongside its suite, such as a video editor for YouTube or an AI image upscaler.

Additional ways to ensure your mental health stays strong in home office spaces

Aside from streamlining how you work, there are a host of other ways to secure your mental health and ensure you work with a good balance when in the home office. First of all, it can be a good idea to set up a dedicated workspace and set a routine that you will easily be able to stick to. Consider your daily goals while setting boundaries and staying connected with the office via the necessary tools. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks so you don’t feel burned out too quickly, and always manage your time in the best ways possible.


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