Do you find it interesting talking with people about their health and well-being? Are you naturally drawn to matters of health, and empowering others to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes? If so, you may want to think about having a career as a health coach.

Health coaches are professionals who help people identify concerning aspects of their life that need a healthy transformation. The health coach works with people privately or in a group setting and helps them set realistic, practical goals that prioritize their well-being while motivating them to achieve those goals.

However, to become a recognized health coach, you might need to enroll in a health coach certification program from American Sports & Fitness Association to become a recognized health coach.

What Is a Health Coach Certification Program

A health coach certification program is ideal for coaches who provide personalized, individual health coaching. The certification is often easy to acquire, and the courses don’t take long to cover.

As per the NBHWC (National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching), many institutions provide health coaching certification courses ranging from academic programs to private sector organizations. The plethora of these training programs can make it a bit complicated to find an ideal one for you.

To make the search easier for you, here are a few factors you should look for in a health coaching certification online program.

1. The Platform In-Use

The platform where you’ll access the course training is vital. Make sure the online program you choose uses a platform that allows for schedule flexibility and the option of studying or taking tests from any geographic location.

Some online programs often require participants to take tests at a specific location despite conducting online sessions, so this is something you may want to find out before enrolling.

2. Reviews and Testimonials of the Course

A good way of finding detailed insight about a course is by reading reviews and testimonials from people who’ve gone through the program.

Note that not each health coaching certification online program will provide access to student reviews, so you might consider that a red flag. However, there are those that do so take the time to read through them carefully.

You might find valuable insight that you may or may not find convincing enough to enroll in the program.

3. Cost and Content of the Course

The unfortunate truth about the health and wellness space is that it’s unregulated since it’s still relatively new. As such, you should be very careful about what courses you enroll for and how much they charge.

Expect to come across a few untrustworthy programs that are nothing more than certification mills. These programs are only in it for the money and do a poor job of training participants.

As such, try and look through the course outline to make sure it matches what the industry is looking for.

The Bottom Line

The requirements, syllabus content, and cost of different programs may differ. However, the goal of any health coaching certification online program is to train coaches and equip them with the skills they need to facilitate sustainable, healthy, and positive change for their clients’ well-being.

Ensure that you go through the course content to get a feel of what’s on offer, if it’s affordable, and fits your interests.



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