Healthcare Call Centres and what they are All About


Healthcare centres receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. They are becoming increasingly common in the medical industry, thanks to the many benefits they present.

One of the main challenges that healthcare facilities face today is to streamline communication between patients and doctors. On the one hand, patients want to reach their doctor’s office whenever they call (irrespective of the time), but they are not always successful because of different issues. On the other hand, doctors wish to respond to every call, but they cannot because they have other patients to attend to, and also have a life. In some cases, patients can get through to the office but have to wait on the line for several minutes – or be transferred to different departments – before getting help.

Usually, two scenarios arise from these incidences: unhappy patients, or overwhelmed doctor (or secretary). But thanks goodness, there is a way for healthcare facilities to ease their burden, and still earn customer trust – working with top healthcare call centres. The best call centres will handle any call answering needs that hospitals may have, allowing doctors and other health professionals to focus on what matters most. In this article, we will look at healthcare call centres and what they are all about. But before we do that, let’s define what a call centre is to make sure we are on the same page.

What is the call centre?

In a nutshell, it is an office where your inbound calls are received, or outbound calls made. They are often large spaces staffed with agents who receive or make calls as well as messaging. Based on its size, the centre may have a handful of representatives up to more than 100. It is important to note that some call centres offer specific services – like inbound calls alone or medical answering services alone and so on. Others provide vast solutions. So, it’s essential to know what you want as it will help you pick the right call centre for your needs.

The value of call centres

As mentioned earlier, many healthcare facilities face communication problems when it comes to patients reaching out. Call centres are a great solution in this case because they serve as the go-between, making sure no call goes unanswered. This means that patients will always reach the doctor’s office whenever they call, and doctors will not lose any client because of a communication problem.

Medical answering service also removes the stress from the process. What this means is that medical professionals can now focus on their core competency, rather than worry about which client is calling or which call was missed. They can also lead their lives comfortably without having to stress over a patient calling in after-hours for a non-emergency issue.

Another great thing about call centres is that their representatives are trained to answer calls. So they can give healthcare facilities a facelift in front of their patients. When someone calls, they will get a warm customized greeting and the assistance they seek. Healthcare call centres offer a platform for patients where hospitals have a chance to resolve problems, enhance their image, and create a stronger customer base.

There is also the concept of outsourcing vs. hiring an in-house team. Usually, the former allows medical facilities to save on overhead costs, along with other critical expenses. Hiring an in-house team of assistants or receptionists can be a great idea, but since they will also be taking sick leaves and weekends off, it is still easy for hospitals to miss important calls. The same applies to after-hours. And the worst part is that the in-house team has to be paid even when they are not working. Call answering services work round the call, so they will always be available. Besides, they are only paid for the work that they have done.

Last but not least, call centres collect an immense amount of data that can be valuable for healthcare providers. Since we live in a technological age where information is gold, these data can be analyzed to understand the patients’ needs and be channelled towards creating better services.


Top healthcare call centres integrate a range of cutting edge to help enhance performance and patient experience. Inbound call centres use automatic call distribution, where calls are sent to agents in the order in which they come in. Some centres monitor calls, where patients are randomly selected by the quality team to make sure that the agents meet the healthcare facility’s needs. Technology is disrupting the call centre industry, and the ones set to benefit are the clients (in this case, health care facilities).


Call centres are one of the best things that have happened to healthcare facilities. Now, doctors and managers do not have to worry about missing a call or not being there when patients need them the most.

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Healthcare Call Centres and what they are All About
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