As the name implies, Bitter leaf is a bitter plant/herb that most people don't enjoy taking probably because of the taste. Touching the bitter leaf juice alone will leave your hands tasting bitter for so long. However, it has numerous benefits embedded in it.

Historically, It has been used to cure lots of illnesses past such as fever, stomach ache, malaria, hepatitis, skin infections (like ringworm, acne), diabetes, insomnia, toothache, jaundice, bilharzia, pneumonia, tuberculosis, stroke, arthritis, wounds, fatigue and cough, diarrhoea, kidney disease, typhoid, prevention of cancer and lowering of hypertension. Nature has provided us with so many healthy options in the form of plants, drinking bitter leaf juice is one of them.

Bitter leaf is scientifically known as Vernonia amygdalina. You might be wondering, what are the benefits of this bitter drink? Why should you drink bitter leaf juice when it actually tastes bitter? Does it have any side effects?

All this and more are what we would be looking at in this article.

The bitter leaf contains protein, crude fibre, ash, fat, vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, tannin, and minerals comprising sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, and iron.

What are the health benefits of drinking bitter leaf juice? 

Some of the benefits of drinking bitter leaf juice are listed below:

  1. Bitter leaf helps to relieve fever

Bitter leaf is known to contain powerful antioxidant effects which can help with treating a variety of health issues such as a high fever. Traditionally, bitter leaves are used in the treatment of bacterial infections.

  1. It Enhances Fertility

Research has shown that drinking bitter leaf juice can help a woman get pregnant because of the chemical combinations existing in bitter leaf juice such as edotides which promote hormonal balance and improve your immune system to help fight against toxification.

Once the balance is reclaimed to your genital hormone, your likelihood of being reproductive enhances. Bitter leaf plants also have positive effects on the male sperm.

  1. Helps In Weight Loss

One of the reasons why most people drink bitter leaf juice (especially women) is to help in the burning of excess fat in the body. The components in bitter leaf extracts can help eradicate bad cholesterol and reduce additional calories in the body.

  1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Bitter leaf juice helps to reduce your sugar level and regulates blood pressure. The powerful antioxidants in the bitter leaf are also another component that can further aid with the treatment of the condition.

  1. It helps to build strong bones and teeth. 

Bitter leaf has nutrients that contain Vitamin C which is a great antioxidant. This plays a vital role in building the body, including the maintenance of bones and teeth.

Also, it comprises fragments of vitamin K which assists the body to maintain healthy bones and prevents the weakening of bone tissue, also known as osteoporosis.

  1. Bitter leaf enhances detoxification

Bitter leaf is also known as the removal of toxins or harmful substances from the kidneys and liver — the fundamental organs that facilitate the removal of waste products and materials from the body.

Bitter leaves will help with the homeostasis of these organs and can aid their optimal functioning.  Traditionally, it has also been employed for the management of kidney stones as it facilitates urine flow. It also curbs the advancement of fatty liver disease.

  1. Soothes skin ailments

Drinking the extracts of bitter leaf helps in the management of skin conditions such as curtailing psoriatic flare-ups (itchy skin eruptions), eczematous rashes, and even help to curb infections of deep wounds.

Bitter Leaf Juice

  1. Bitter leaf helps relieve stomach aches 

The bitter leaf juice has been shown to provide some protection from stomach ulcers. This is because of the antioxidants in bitter leaves that contribute to these positive gastric effects.

  1. It helps fight free radicals

The bitter leaf contains vitamin E, which serves as antioxidant fighting against free radicals that have destructive effects on the body’s system.

  1. Aids In The Treatment Of Abdominal Issues

Another benefit of Bitter leaf is it helps in the treatment of abdominal issues such as stomach upset, dysentery, diarrhoea, and other gastrointestinal tract infections. Drinking a cup of bitter leaf juice twice every day helps bring relief from stomach pains.



With the information shown above, it should be noted that bitter leaves have numerous benefits to our health. For further clarification on the usage, kindly visit your doctor.

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