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Despite its rare status, the Green Horn Kratom is one of the most sought-after and best-selling kratom strains in the market. Those who have authentic and high-quality green horned kratom in their inventory are lucky, but you can also get Green Horned Kratom at

Let’s take a look at this particular strain and what makes it such a hit among kratom enthusiasts everywhere.

What is the Green Horned Kratom?

Also known as the Green Horned-leaf kratom and the Green Horn Kratom, the Green Horned Kratom is a rare green-vein kratom strain native to the tropical island of Borneo. This specific strain of the Mitragyna speciose plant has a couple of features that set it apart from the other kratom strains.

Where Did it Get Its Name From?

One of the most interesting things about the Green horned kratom is that it wasn’t named after its place of origin, the way most kratom strains are named after. This strain, instead, got its name from the shape of its leaves. Most kratom strain leaves are smooth, but the Green Horned kratom’s leaves have spikes resembling horns, hence the name.

Local kratom farmers believe that the horns are what gives this strain its unique potency level and profile. According to the farmers, horned kratom leaves produce higher alkaloid content unlike non-horned kratom leaves. For this reason, farmers who abide by traditional harvesting methods only collect horned leaves to make sure that the powder they produce contain the highest alkaloid profile and properties unique to this strain.

But there’s a problem: The green horned kratom is a new and relatively rare strain.

Despite its rarity, it is particularly high in demand among kratom users. Many farmers struggle with supplying large quantities of this strain because horns only appear on fully mature kratom leaves.

Because of this, some farmers turn to unscrupulous means to earn extra money—by selling kratom buyers kratom powder mixed with non-horned and horned leaves. Although this mix will still have an effect on users, it will not give them the flavor profile they expect, and it will not be worth the price they pay. In addition, selling one thing and labeling it another is totally misleading to customers.

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Does a Green Horn Mitragyna speciosa Tree Exist?

A lot of people believe that the Green Horn Kratom is derived from a unique type of tree, the Green Horn Mitragyna speciosa tree. In reality, Red Horn, Green Horn, and White Horn Kratom all come from the same tree. However, the leaves are all located in different areas of the tree. The green variety, for instance, can be found in the midsection of the tree.

The green variety receive more sunlight and plenty of hydration compared to the white variety, but it receives less compared to the red variety. This is the reason why the different kratom variants have different alkaloid profiles and properties as well.

What Makes the Green Horned Kratom Different from the Green Maeng Da?

A lot of people frequently confuse the Green Horned Kratom and Green Maeng Da Kratom with each other. After all, they both are green strains. But there are striking differences between the two.

The Green Horn Mitragyna speciose is a new kratom strain that originated from Borneo. The Green Maeng Da kratom, on the other hand, originated from Thailand. Although the Maeng Da mostly originated from Borneo as well, it was developed in Thailand by grafting a local Thai tree to an Indonesian tree.

This means that the alkaloid composition and properties between these two strains are also different.

Properties of the Green Horn Kratom

The Green Horn strain is popularly known for being long-lasting. In fact, it is known to last longer compared to other kratom strains.

Let’s look into the properties that make the Green Horn Kratom strain sought after among many kratom users:

1. Energizing

The Green Horn strain provides users with a steady boost of energy. It is best used at daytime, especially in the morning (and even in the afternoon), as it makes users feel more energized and able to perform more tasks.

2. Lifts mood

Another notable feature of the green horn strain is that it boosts users’ mood. Not only will you feel more energized, but you will feel more optimistic, thus making your tasks more bearable throughout the day.

3. Better Cognitive Support

This strain can help users concentrate better on their tasks. It gives them focus and clarity.

4. Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Another reason why users love this strain is because it helps ease their stress and anxieties. Users report feeling more balanced and that they are able to maintain better focus all day long.

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How Much Dosage Should You Use?

When it comes to potency, the green horn kratom falls in the middle of the spectrum. This makes it the ideal choice for first time users who have no knowledge about the precise dosage to take. But like with any type of kratom, users are always advised to start small and eventually increase their dosage over time until they figure out what works best for them.

Beginners are advised against going beyond the recommended dosage for beginners since they still have not built up any tolerance for the plant. More experienced users may need a few extra grams to fully experience the positive effects of the plant, especially if they’re accustomed to more potent variants such as the Red Maeng Da.

The Green Horned Kratom’s effects usually kick in after 15 minutes, and it is known to last above average duration.

Where to Buy Green Horn Kratom?

The Green Horn kratom strain is quite popular within the kratom community, but it’s not easy to get this strain anywhere. Get Green Horned Kratom at if you want authentic and good quality green horned kratom.


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