The primary control hub in a Frigidaire refrigerator serves as its central command, overseeing functions like cooling, freezing, and defrosting, among other essential operations.

Consequently, the significance of a troubleshooting guide for the Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board cannot be overstated, as the last thing you want is for it to malfunction.

When the main control board malfunctions, it can disrupt critical functions in your Frigidaire refrigerator, including cooling, freezing, water and ice dispensing, ice production, and defrosting, among others.

These issues, however, can also be linked to other control boards responsible for managing temperature, dispensing, defrosting, ice levels, and display functions.

In this discussion, we will address problems related to the main control board as well as potential issues with other control boards that may experience failures.

What Does the Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board Do?

a) The Frigidaire Refrigerator Main Control Board

The main control board incorporates various components, including conductors, capacitors, resistors, and diodes, that enable it to regulate the flow of electrical current within the refrigerator. Its primary role is to oversee and manage key components such as the compressor, fan blades, and motors. Regarding the refrigerator's essential functions, the main control board exercises control over a wide range of operations, including but not limited to:

  1. Cooling
  2. Freezing
  3. Defrosting
  4. Water and ice dispensing
  5. Ice production

b) Frigidaire Refrigerator Temperature Control Board

While not as central as the main control board, the temperature control board holds the distinction of being the second most vital control board within the refrigerator.

Its primary responsibility involves providing voltage information to the compressor and the refrigerator fan motor, facilitating the cooling process. When this board malfunctions, it can lead to various cooling-related problems.

However, it's important to note that the temperature control board's role extends beyond mere cooling; it also plays a significant role in the freezing process, contributing to the overall functionality of the unit.

c) Frigidaire Refrigerator Defrost Control Board

The defrost control board serves as the central component of the defrost system, effectively governing the frequency of the defrost cycle.

If this control board experiences a malfunction, it can significantly affect the defrost system. In such a scenario, the ice that accumulates on the evaporator coils is likely to form a thick layer, insulating them and ultimately leading to a rise in the refrigerator's temperature.

Consequently, the refrigerator may cease to initiate the defrosting process and may continue running continuously without interruption.

Pros and Cons of Frigidaire Refrigerator


  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Spacious Interiors


  • Noisy Operation
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Limited Warranty
  • Durability of Ice Makers

Differences Between Frigidaire Refrigerator and Whirlpool


Frigidaire refrigerators often come with practical features like adjustable shelves, humidity-controlled crisper drawers, and ice/water dispensers. They may not have as many advanced technology features as some higher-end brands.


Whirlpool offers a wide range of models with various features, including advanced cooling systems, smart technology, and innovative storage solutions. They are known for introducing new technologies to improve food preservation.

Alternative to Frigidaire Refrigerator


Samsung produces refrigerators with modern designs and innovative technology. Many Samsung models include smart features, digital displays, and advanced cooling systems. They are suitable for users looking for tech-savvy appliances.

d) Frigidaire Refrigerator Dispenser Control Board

As its name implies, the dispenser control board is responsible for overseeing the operation of the dispenser system, which encompasses both the water and ice dispensers.

When this control board experiences a malfunction, it has a direct impact on the functionality of your Frigidaire refrigerator's water and ice dispensing mechanisms. Consequently, if the dispenser control board is faulty, you can expect both the water and ice dispensers to cease functioning properly. Additionally, there is the potential for the ice maker to fail in its task of dispensing ice when the dispenser control board is compromised.

e) Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice-Level Control Board

The ice-level control board plays a critical role in regulating the power supplied to the ice maker. When this control board experiences a malfunction, it can disrupt the power distribution to the ice maker, potentially causing it to receive insufficient power.

f) Frigidaire Refrigerator Display Control Board

When the control panel of your refrigerator is not functioning correctly or experiences malfunctions, it is highly probable that the root cause of the issue lies with the display board. This specific control board is responsible for overseeing the functions of the control panel, including its visual elements.

How to Run Diagnostic On a Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board to Find Faults?

To determine whether your refrigerator's control board is malfunctioning and needs replacement, you can conduct a diagnostic test. Generally, you can follow these steps to activate diagnostic mode on your Frigidaire refrigerator:

Step 1 (Temperature Up + Temperature Down): Locate the Temperature Down and Temperature Up buttons on your freezer settings and press them simultaneously.

Step 2 (5 Minutes Release): Release the temperature buttons after holding them down for 5 minutes. This action will put your Frigidaire fridge into diagnostic mode.

Step 3 (Temperature Up): After releasing the buttons, wait until the LEDs display the number 1, and then press the Temperature Up button.

Step 4 (Service Mode Select): Once the LED displays the number 1, you'll have various selections available, ranging from 1 to 8. Choose the service mode you want to access and view the error code.

Step 5 (Exit Diagnostic Mode): Take note of the error code, and to exit diagnostic mode, unplug your refrigerator.

Step 6 (Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board Reset): Wait for at least 60 seconds before plugging your refrigerator back in. This action will clear the error code and reset your unit.

Common Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board Troubleshooting Problems

1. Frigidaire Refrigerator Won’t Cool or Freeze

If your refrigerator is experiencing cooling or freezing issues, it's possible that either the temperature control board or the main control board is at fault.

As previously mentioned, a malfunctioning temperature control board may fail to provide the necessary voltage to the motors and compressor, resulting in an inability to cool the unit. However, if the temperature control board is not the problem, then the main control board could be the culprit.

2. Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezes But Won’t Cool (Cold Freezer But Warmer Fridge)

Indeed, a malfunctioning temperature control board or main control board can lead to a situation where the refrigerator section of your Frigidaire refrigerator is warmer while the freezer remains cold.

In addition to checking the control boards, it's crucial not to overlook the defrost control board as a potential source of issues. The diagnostic process will help determine whether this board is functioning properly.

If the control boards are ruled out as the problem, other potential causes for a warm refrigerator and cold freezer include frosted evaporator coils, a defective thermistor, or problems within the defrost system.

3. Frigidaire Refrigerator Cools But Won’t Freeze (Cold Fridge But Warmer Freezer)

If your refrigerator is maintaining a cold temperature while the freezer is not, you should primarily focus on examining the main control board. If the diagnostic process eliminates the main control board as the issue, then you should explore the potential causes, which might include a blocked water filter or problems with the evaporator fan motor, compressor, or thermistor.

4. Water Dispenser Is Not Working

When your Frigidaire refrigerator's water dispenser is not functioning, there are a couple of potential culprits to consider, including a malfunctioning dispenser control board or main control board.

If neither of these control boards is found to be the issue during the diagnostic process, it's important to explore other possible causes. These may include low water pressure (below 20 psi), a faulty water inlet valve, a frozen water tube, a blocked filter, or a defective dispenser switch.

5. Ice Maker Is Not Working

When your ice maker is not functioning correctly, there are a few potential reasons to investigate, including a malfunctioning ice-level control board or main control board.

If the issue is isolated to the ice maker and neither control board is determined to be faulty, it's important to consider other possible causes. These might include problems with the ice maker switch, mould thermostat, door switch, or a clogged filter.

6. Ice Maker Won’t Dispense Ice

When your ice maker successfully produces ice but fails to dispense it, there are a few potential causes to investigate, including the possibility of a defective dispenser control board or main control board.

If the problem appears to be isolated to the ice dispenser and no other issues are evident, it's advisable to focus on examining the dispenser control board.

However, if there are other concurrent issues with the refrigerator's functions in addition to the ice dispenser problem, the main control board may be at fault.

Fix to a Bad Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board

t is advisable to replace a malfunctioning control board. To facilitate this process, conducting a diagnostic test is essential. Through the diagnostic test, you can identify the specific fault code associated with the issue and determine which control board is affected. Once you have identified the fault code, you can search for its meaning and potential solutions online, helping you pinpoint the exact problem and guide your replacement or repair efforts effectively.


Troubleshooting the control board of a Frigidaire refrigerator is a crucial process to identify and rectify issues affecting its performance.

The control boards, including the main control board, temperature control board, defrost control board, dispenser control board, and ice-level control board, play pivotal roles in the proper functioning of various refrigerator components.

By conducting a systematic diagnostic assessment, users can pinpoint the specific problem and determine whether it's related to one of these control boards or other components.

This allows for more efficient and accurate repairs or replacements, ultimately ensuring the refrigerator operates at peak efficiency and maintains the desired temperature in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.


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