Farmapram – What You Ned to Know About the Mexican Alprazolam


Farmapram is a drug that has the same chemical make-up and use as Alprazolam. It comes under a different name because it is made by another manufacturer in another country. Usually, Alprazolam is a common active ingredient in the popular anti-anxiety drug with the Xanax brand name, but this is mostly used in the United States and other countries. However, in Mexico, Alprazolam is available under a different brand name, Farmapram, even though it serves the same purpose.

Alprazolam, present in all Xanax drugs, including B707 Blue Xanax bars, S900 Xanax pills, and 031 Round Blue Xanax pills, is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic issues. It is classified as a benzodiazepine and a schedule IV drug, which is only available through presentation of a valid doctor’s prescription in the United States and most other countries. It is also a controlled substance according to the United Nation laws, therefore Farmapram is also subjected to the laws.

In essence, every law attributed to the use of Alprazolam in a particular country, applies to Farmapram, too.

In this article, the confusion that exists because of the name, Farmapram, and its absence in the United States, making some people think it is a drug meant for another medical condition or even a fake drug, will be laid to rest. You will know the dosages of Farmapram that are available, how farmapram works, and if it is acceptable in the United States, like Xanax is.

What is Farmapram?

Farmparam is a brand name for Alprazolam, manufactured in Mexico, by IFA Celtics. The same way different pharmaceuticals can manufacture the common paracetamol, under different brand names, such as Emzor and M&B, Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals Group and IFA Celtics are different manufacturers of the same drugs, under different brand names.

Farmapram is a prescription drug used to treat panic and anxiety disorders. It is a drug that makes its users depend on it, thus the need to control its availability to the public. Farmapram, after it has been used by an individual for some time, usually, about 12 weeks, it is gradually withdrawn by reducing dosages, over a period, to avoid complications that may occur due to dependence, causing withdrawal symptoms, that may be fatal.

Farmapram, because it contains it contains Alprazolam, is classified as a benzodiazepine.

How Does Farmapram Work?

As a benzodiazepine, Farmapram works by enhancing the activity of the GABA receptors, consequently reducing the amount of messages that cross the receptors to the other part of the brain. It binds with the GABA receptors and increases its nature of reducing the anxiety impulses that cross the barrier to the connectors that relay the messages to the brain, thereby effectively reducing the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, until they disappear.

Farmapram works in the same way Xanax works on the brain and causes the Central Nervous System to slow down its activity in order to deal with the anxiety symptoms.

Can Farmapram Be Brought into the United States of America?

Ordinarily, taking drugs across orders that have the same regulatory bodies won’t cause an issue. However, Mexico and the United States of America have different Food and Drugs regulatory bodies; therefore, you will have to check out the different laws that determines what drugs you can or cannot bring from other countries into the United States.

However, to be on the safer side, as there may be grey areas in laws and regulations that may not be clear to you, it will be wise to bring your prescription down to the United States of America and have a pharmacist confirm your prescription. They will handle it from there. There is every likelihood you will be provided with alprazolam on the same dosage you’re on.

Farmapram Dosages

Farmapram is used to treat medical conditions such as anxiety disorders, panic disorders, insomnia, depression, and others. Therefore, the dosages of alprazolam needed to bring these conditions under control are different. Also, because the alprazolam tablets are available in fast-acting disintegrating tablets and extended-release tablets, different dosages are prescribed to different patients with different issues.

For depression, patients are usually started on fast-acting disintegrating tablets at 0.5 mg, thrice daily. This dose might be increased to 1 mg, to be taken about thrice daily. However, as the body adapts to this medication, dosage is increased, but never beyond 4.5 mg per day, and at this point, extended-release alprazolam is prescribed.

In the case of anxiety disorders, the dosage progresses in the same manner, but may reach as high as 10 mg of alprazolam daily. However, for stress, a maximum daily dosage of 4 mg is the norm. For older patients, 0.25 mg tablets that amounts to daily dosage of 2 mg is the norm.


Farmapram is a controlled substance, a medication used to treat anxiety disorder and panic attacks due to its possession of alprazolam as the active ingredient. It is called Farmapram because it is manufactured in Mexico by a different manufacturing company other than the producers of Xanax.

However, it interacts with other benzodiazepines, and has all the side effects of an alprazolam medication. It is not advisable to bring it into the United States of America, but you can have your prescription confirmed by a pharmacist in the United States and have an alprazolam for yourself.

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