Facts About S 900 Xanax Pill You Should Know


One of the effective drugs for treating anxiety and panic disorders is the S 900 Xanax pill. It is a benzodiazepine that works by increasing the amount of chemical in the brain, that controls the level of anxiety as controlled by the hypothalamus. It is a low-dose alprazolam-containing drug that is mostly used to start treatment for people with anxiety and panic disorders.

S 900 Xanax pill is white and elliptical drug that has contain 0.25 mg of alprazolam. It is distributed by Dava Pharmaceuticals Inc. and is available on prescription basis. That is, you are not legally allowed to buy or possess the drug without a doctor’s prescription, stating that you have a condition that needs the drug. This is so because alprazolam is a drug ingredient that can be easily abused.

In this article, you will be privy to a number of facts you never knew about the S 900 Xanax pill, ranging from its effect on people of certain age or with certain conditions, to its pronounced effect when used with certain foods and drinks. You will also get to know why there are different dosages of alprazolam and the S 900 Xanax pill has one of the lowest dosages.

About the S 900 Xanax Pill

The fact that alprazolam is an effective medication against the profuse sweating, and laboured breathing that comes with anxiety and panic disorders is no news to people who experience them. Even though some of them have never been prescribed one before, they have come across the information online. However, it is unfortunate that S 900 Xanax pill cannot be purchased over the counter, despite its low dosage of alprazolam. It would have been effective in helping people with these neuro-conditions.

The reason behind its unavailability over the counter, boils down to the irresponsible use of alprazolam in whatever quantity it is found, by people who do not have these conditions. It is for this reason that the United States and most other countries of the world have control over the availability of the drug. In the United States of America, S 900 Xanax Pill is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

The S 900 Xanax Pill is a white, oval pill that has a deep vertical line across its face, separating the letter from the numbers. This line serves the purpose of helping to easily split the pill in two halves in case a patient needs a lesser dosage.

Facts You Should Know About S 900 Xanax Pill

Here are some facts about S 900 Xanax pill you should know if you are using it or about to start using it. it is important to know that these facts apply to other alprazolam drugs such as the green football Xanax and G3722 White Xanax bar.

  1. It treats more than just panic and anxiety disorders

S 900 Xanax pill, although primarily treats panic and anxiety disorders, is also used to treat other medical conditions, such as depression, Tinnitus, and so on. It is effective in reducing the neural activity of the central nervous system, thereby causing a reduce level of stimulation in the hypothalamus.

Alprazolam increases the efficiency of the GABAA receptors, and consequently reducing the neural messages relayed to the brain. This pathway of function makes it suitable to address these other medical conditions.

  1. Pregnant and Lactating mothers are exempted from its use.

Alprazolam, in all forms of Xanax medication, be it pill or bar, is prohibited for use during pregnancy and lactation. This is attributed to the certainty of the foetus or baby’s dependence on the drug. The effect of the alprazolam makes the foetus unable to function properly without it.

Studies have shown that alprazolam is passed from the mother to the child during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also causes a deficient mental formation in affected foetuses. Also, babies who have been used to the effect of alprazolam during their time in the womb get dependent on it and exhibit severe withdrawal symptoms when the administration of the drug stops.

It is safer to avoid S 900 Xanax pill or any other Xanax pill during pregnancy and until the baby is weaned.

  1. It is not suitable for some people

There are certain people who should not use S 900 Xanax pill, even though they are suffering from depression, anxiety and panic disorders. This is because alprazolam interacts with some diseases and its use will lead to major complications that may lead to more damage.

People who are obese are better off without S 900 Xanax pill as it will take longer for it to leave their body than a person whose metabolism is fast. Although the drug is used to address an illness, the longer it stays in the body, the more work the liver and kidney has to do in getting rid of it.

As it is the responsibility of the liver and kidney to rid the body of alprazolam, it is advisable for individuals with liver and kidney issues to avoid this drug, as it may overwork their kidneys and liver.

Patients with other conditions such as substance dependence, respiratory depression, closed-angle glaucoma, and seizures, should not take S 900 Xanax pill. It can also be risky for depression patients to use this medication as it may compound the issue and cause them to have suicidal thoughts.

It is best that you inform your doctor of every condition you have and all medications you are currently using before you use S 900 Xanax pill.

  1. Do not use S 900 Xanax Pill with some medications

This drug interacts, not only with diseases, but with other medicines as well. The interaction might be minor, moderate, or major, however, it is important that you know, so as to be safe.

Alcohol is a prohibited substance to take while on alprazolam. It affects the body in almost the same way alprazolam does, since it is a depressant. Therefore, it causes a compound effect when used together with S 900 Xanax pill.

Other alprazolam drugs, oxycodones, and drugs that depresses respiration, causes slow central nervous system coordination and response, such as tramadol, should also be totally avoided. Using these medications with alprazolam may cause respiratory crises, seizures, or even death.

  1. It is difficult to stop its use

Once a patient gets dependent on alprazolam, contained in S 900 Xanax pill, it is difficult to stop its use. Although it is possible to stop but it can be tricky as the body has become accustomed to the effect and calm it brings. The absence of alprazolam in the nervous system is quickly noticed and the severity of anxiety symptoms can become worse.

For this reason, patients that have been on alprazolam for a long time, are usually taken through a gradual withdrawal process that helps to cut down the daily dosage over a period.

For S 900 Xanax pill that contains only 0.25 mg of alprazolam, the patient who uses it will reduce the number of times he/she takes it daily, till there’s no need for it anymore.

  1. S 900 Xanax is one of the smallest alprazolam doses

There are many alprazolam drugs available through prescription. Some of them have a high percentage of alprazolam in them, while others are low in alprazolam. One of the lower alprazolam-containing drugs for treating panic and anxiety disorders is S 900 Xanax pill.

With just 0.25 mg of alprazolam, it is easily the safest dosage of alprazolam to prescribe to a patient that has a history of substance abuse but needs the medication.

  1. It is a Generic alprazolam drug

The S 900 Xanax pill is not a drug under the Xanax brand name. it is only informally called Xanax because it performs the same function as Xanax.  It is a generic drug, made to the specification of the original Xanax, with respect to the ingredients and the conditions it treats.

S 900 Xanax pill is a white, oval drug that contains 0.25 mg of alprazolam. It is a generic drug, used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, especially in people with a history of substance abuse, and individuals who need very low level of alprazolam to deal with their central nervous system’s inadequacy.

It is a controlled substance and can only be gotten with a doctor’s prescription.

Ensure to inform your doctor of every medical condition you have and the medications you are currently using before you purchase and use S 900 Xanax pill, as it may lead to some complications due to its wide interaction possibility.

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