African Foods That Make Your Bum Bigger; A detailed View.


If this publication interests you, you’re probably one of those ladies in search of African foods that make your bum bigger. In all honesty, bigger bum doesn’t interest only women, some men will give anything to enjoy the company of a lady with big bums. However, not all ladies have that, and it all boils down to three things – genetics, diet, and exercise.

One of the things African women are endowed with, apart from big brains, is big butt. Don’t take my word for it, visit some African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa, and you will be amazed at how it is considered normal for a lady to have massive backside. What most women in the western world will pay a handsome price for through surgery, it is freely given to African ladies.

There have been sayings on the street that the reason behind the big butts of most African women is their gene. While this is true, there is a contribution from their diet. Africans, generally, have an array of foods that make the body mass increase. This, combined with the genes, deposit the excess fats in the right places for a curvier body.

In this article, you will find out what African foods make your bum bigger. You will also get to understand the anatomy of the butt and how foods can influence its growth and thickness. We will not leave out the third and least popular aspect of growing your backside – exercises – be it briefly.

The Bum Anatomy

The bum is made up of muscles and fats. In some individuals, there is more fat than muscle mass, while in others, muscle mass takes the larger proportion. This difference – more muscle mass than fats – is especially pronounced in ladies who are more physical active, that is, they do more exercising than others.

The bum is made up of three muscles called the glutes; Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. As their name imply, gluteus maximus is the largest muscle of the group and it covers the extensive posterior of the bum. Gluteus Medius covers the upper corners of the bum, while the Gluteus Minimus fuses with the Gluteus Medius to make the hips appear bigger.

However, this muscle group isn’t the biggest contributor to the big size of the bum. The Panniculus adiposus is the main determinant of how big your bum is or can get. True, exercising the glutes makes them bigger and stronger, but they are best noticed in people who are athletic.

Factors that Determine Bum Size

While you can see the bum on some ladies and you, as a lady will wish you were that endowed, there are factors that may impede your bum from growing that big. Let us see some of them.

  • Genetics

one of the major determinants of any growth extent in a human is the genetics. Some individuals are blessed with good genes that help them burn fat easily, have fat deposits in the right places, while some have to strive extra hard to come close to the perfection they seek.

Most ladies endowed with big bums are gifted by nature, through genetics, to have immense fat deposits in the panniculus adiposus, as it is very well developed in the bum area.

  • Exercising

For the two groups of ladies – naturally gifted and acquired – in the big bum department, exercising is important. The panniculus adiposus is susceptible to sagging, therefore it needs the support of the gluteus muscle group, to hold it up and firm.

Ladies who exercise relentlessly to have big bum do so by tearing the muscles of the glute, which when healed, becomes bigger and stronger. Exercises such as squats, leg press, lunges, and deadlifts, help to stretch and work the glute muscles.

With this factor, consistency is the key.

  • Diet

Arguably, the second most important factor that determines the size of your bum. It affects how well rounded the bum is by providing nutrient – fats – to the panniculus adiposus and nourishing the gluteal muscles to help them heal faster and get bigger on healing.

The African diet for a bigger bum majorly comprises of Nigerian foods rich in healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbs. In addition, you can throw in some fruits and vegetables to help with digestion and metabolism.

10 African Foods That Makes Your Bum Bigger

Since one of the ways to achieve your goal of having a bigger bum is through diet, let us see some of the foods these African ladies eat that support their genes to give them the bum they flaunt. Before that, let us understand how these foods can affect the bum size.

The panniculus adiposus is a subcutaneous fat storage layer that gives the bum its natural curve and size. The more fat stored in this fat layer, the bigger and rounder the bum is. It also spreads to the thighs and may lead to the formation of cellulites under the skin, something you might not want, but you can be rid of. The best foods that help in fat deposition in this fat layer are proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

Now, let us see the African foods for bigger bums.

  1. Meats

Meats are rich sources of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This is what makes them aptly suitable for your bigger bum plan. Although different meats – chicken, turkey, chevon, and beef – have different caloric and nutrient values, no one counts them in Africa, you just eat and be filled.

If you are concerned about the amount of fats that may accompany the different meats into your body, you can choose to boil them with garlic, remove the skin off the turkey and chicken, and use good vegetable oil when frying.

You can also have these meats, or a specific one in a dish called pepper soup. This soup usually carries a prefix, depending on the type of meat used in preparing it; goat meat pepper soup, beef pepper soup, and so on. it is usually hot and spicy.

  1. Soy products

Soy beans and its derivatives, soy cakes and soy milk, are excellent sources of proteins and fats. They also contain some fats that are stored in the adipose tissues, like the one that is around the bum.

Soy and its products are known to increase the production of the hormone, oestrogen in people who consistently consume it. This property helps it distribute fats to the right places as women are known to have more panniculus adiposus presence around the thighs, bum, and breasts.

  1. Fish

Fish is a healthy source of fat and oil. Regardless of the type you are used to, it provides all nutrients in different quantities and helps to improve the storage of fats in the adipose tissue without causing health risks. The best fish to consume for this purpose, with great amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, include tilapia, catfish, salmon, mackerel, and many more.

In Africa, these fishes, especially catfishes, are used to prepare special soup dishes called catfish pepper soup or better still, point-and-kill. The fishes are killed on the spot and in their fresh state, used to make the spicy pepper soup.

Tilapia is a common accompaniment to the Ghanaian dish, Banku.

  1. Rice

A staple in Africa, rice is a very popular food consumed by most households. It is made in different forms; jollof rice, coconut rice, fried rice, basmati rice, and so on. Rice is rich in carbohydrates and some protein. It is known to be so high in carbs that diabetic patients are advised to either cut down on or stop its consumption.

If you are bothered about the glycemic index and will like to consume something more health-friendly to you, you can consider Ofada rice and brown rice. They are excellent substitutes for white rice and will still aid in your quest for a bigger bum.

  1. Banga Soup

One of the most popular soup of the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, Banga Soup is a delicacy that is usually accompanied with starch. Sometimes, okra might be added to the soup, without leaving out beef, fish, Beletete leaves, banga spice, palm fruit, and so on.

With the assortment of ingredients, it provides a lot of calories as contained in the protein, carbohydrates, and fats sources contained in the soup. You can call it a concentrate of nutrients and you won’t be wrong.

  1. Waakye

Waakye is a dish from Ghana that is made from rice and beans. It contains a rich amount of proteins and carbohydrate, which when in excess is stored in the adipose tissues of the body, including the bum, giving it a bigger and curvier outlook.

Waakye is usually served with side dishes such as fried plantain, avocado, spaghetti, or even garri.

  1. Banku

Banku has received global recognition with its mentions in prominent international artistes’ songs. It is made from fermented corn and cassava, mixed into a dough. It is prepared with lots of hot pepper, onions, and tomatoes and is usually accompanied by grilled tilapia.

Corn and cassava are rich sources of carbs, they provide more than you can use. However, their caloric supply is complemented by tilapia, which provide proteins, giving your body a range of nutrients to use.

  1. Melktert

This is a South African dish that is made of flour, milk, sugar, and eggs. It is usually finished off with cinnamon dusts and is a popular desert in South Africa.

This dish is dense in carbs, proteins, and fats due to the use of milk and eggs. The combination of ingredients will ensure your adipose tissue has enough fats to store, consequently giving you a bigger bum over time.

  1. Boerewors

Boerewors are traditional South African sausages that comprise of beef, pork, and sometimes, lamb. It is usually barbecued and has a mixture of spices to go with it in its coiled shape. Due to the use of different meats, it is a protein dense dish that will do wonders to your bum.

  1. Madesu

One of Congo’s popular dishes, Madesu is essentially a beans stew that is commonly eaten across Africa. In some parts of the continent, the beans stew is eaten with bread or fried fermented cassava, called garri. Some individuals prefer it with yam, and some, with potatoes.

Whatever you choose to eat the beans stew, Madesu with, it is tasty, and provides nutrients that are so dense, you may not eat any other food for the rest of the day.


These African foods that make your bum bigger are available in different parts of the world. Regardless of where you are, you can easily have them, or prepare them to get a bigger bum. However, it is important to note that these foods will make you increase in weight and you may want to limit the consumption of some of them that are exceptionally high in carbs and fats.

Although they will help your panniculus adiposus have more fats stored in them and give you a bigger bum, you should combine these foods with adequate exercising to make the gluteal muscles bigger and provide a firmer support to the adipose tissue.

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