If you suffer from sleep apnea, you probably already know that wearing a continuous positive airway pressure mask is essential to sleeping better at night. CPAP masks are essential devices that prevent air from entering your mouth during sleep, allowing you to breathe easier.

CPAP masks come in various styles and sizes. The mask should fit snugly around your nose and mouth and adjust easily to your face. You risk choking or snoring if you don't wear the CPAP mask properly. Also, find a provider," like CPAP Direct, "who provides fast, free, or cheap delivery options.

However, choosing the right mask can be tricky. However, here are several features to look out for when buying a new mask.

1. Enhanced Comfort

Your mask should have a design like the ResMed AirFit F20 CPAP Mask that ensures comfort. It should provide claustrophobic users with a clear sight line for watching tv or reading before sleeping. In addition, it should have padded headgear and a mask frame for extra comfort. The perfect mask should cover the mouth and nose to provide CPAP therapy to both areas.

Like the Airfit f20, a good mask should cover your nose and mouth without extra forehead support. The frame should be spread above the ears and below the eyes for enhanced comfort. Also, the headgear should have minimal fabric to enhance the mask's stability without using obstructive support bars.

Like the Airfit f20, the perfect mask should not leave red marks on your skin or leak air during therapy, as this makes it ineffective.

2. Fit and Size

The ideal mask should have adjustable straps like Airfit f20 to allow you to tighten the mask around your head for a snug and comfortable fit. In addition, the mask should have magnetic clips to allow you to remove the mask without losing its fit.

For the perfect fit, choose the correct mask size for your face. Its frame should be size M, then choose a cushion that's either small, large, or medium. Its headgear should be medium size, but you can add a small and large size as desired.

4. Price and Convenience

Like the Airfit f20, the perfect CPAP mask should have tiny holes to diffuse air sound as it is being released from the CPAP mask. This feature quiets CPAP therapy, making it convenient for you and your bed partner. In addition, it should have an easily removable elbow for efficient removal of the mask when you get up during therapy in the middle of the night. The elbow should slide from the CPAP hose to stop and start therapy quickly without changing the mask settings.

The perfect CPAP mask should be affordable regardless of the type of mask you choose. It is also advisable to choose the medical insurance coverage that covers purchasing such equipment to procure the device easily. Also, find a provider who provides fast, free, or cheap delivery options.


CPAP devices are pretty reliable. However, choosing the wrong mask can make them less ineffective. For instance, mouth breathers should use a full face mask. Getting your mask from a provider who offers a few days to try it before choosing is advisable. After the trial period expiry, you should receive full credit for a different size or mask.



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