How Emsculpt Helps You Build Muscle and Burn Fat


Getting in 20,000 crunches or squats in thirty minutes all while laying down? Too good to be true right? Emsculpt treatments can quickly help you uncover those washboard abs or that lifted booty you’ve been working so hard for!

Emsculpt is rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to its effectiveness and quick results. It can give you toned arms and firmer abs. It can even help emphasize and shape the hard to work butt muscles. All with no preparation needed and with no recovery process.

Check out how Emsculpt can work for your body. Find out if you are an ideal candidate and what makes this procedure so popular. Learn about the awesome benefits of Emsculpt and how the process works to address common problem areas.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt uses groundbreaking technology to bust fat and improve muscle tone. The state of the art technology is FDA approved and non-invasive. The process has been extensively researched and tested. Studies show that it produces consistently proved results.

The Emsculpt process not only burns stubborn fat, but it also builds and strengthens muscle tone. It’s scientifically proved to change the composition of the body’s tissue. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, the device sends pulses through the skin, deep into fat and muscle tissue.

These pulses induce mini-contractions deep within the muscle. Each thirty-minute treatment can trigger 20,000 of these contractions. The type of intense reaction within the muscle isn’t even possible with any kind of traditional weight lifting or resistance exercise. The muscle fibres react to this stream of contractions and strengthen themselves, building mass.

Simultaneously, fat cells in the area are dissipated as they act as energy to fuel the process. The destroyed fat cells are later eliminated by the body’s normal waste elimination functions. The result is the visible reduction of stubborn fat layers.

Is Emsculpt Right for You?

Are you wondering if this innovative treatment is right for you? Think about your current lifestyle and your plan to maintain it in the future. Also, consider your desired results from the process.

Do you work out regularly and eat healthily? The procedure is not meant to be a replacement for exercise and won’t give you the same cardio benefits of a good workout. However, if you have a consistent fitness routine and focus on a balanced diet, Emsculpt is ideal for you.

Maintenance is also key to lasting results. Sure, Emsculpt may blast fat and boost muscle tone, but it can’t make you stick to your wellness routine. Continuing to work your muscles and eat mindfully is essential to maintaining the awesome tone the procedure can produce.

Lastly, consider what results you are looking for. Emsculpt is meant to slim and sculpt your physique. Think of it as a procedure with body contouring features and the added benefit of fat loss. So if you are close to your ideal weight and just looking for a boost in some areas, Emscuplt is perfect for you.

Benefits of Emsculpt

How Emsculpt Helps You Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Emsculpt has some amazing benefits. It’s extremely effective and efficient at producing results. It also has very few risks or recovery time.

The fat reduction Emsculpt produces is noticeable and measurable. One study found that patients showed a 19 per cent reduction in fat after just four treatments. A consistent waist size reduction was also noted among patients.

Emsculpt is the only procedure of its kind proven to build muscle. Patients on average see a 16 per cent increase in muscle mass. The muscles are noticeably toned and tighter, creating a fitter looking physique overall.

The Emsculpt procedure is quick and convenient, only taking a half an hour per session. The four recommended sessions take place over about two weeks. This efficient procedure schedule allows for fast, visible results.

There is no preparation required for an Emsculpt session. The procedure is relatively painless, well-tolerated and requires no anaesthesia or needles. There is no recovery time so patients can immediately return to their day to day lives.

Remove Stubborn Belly Fat

Are you a mom still trying to get back to your pre-baby flat stomach? Or have you been working on a six-pack that still isn’t quite visible? Emsculpt can target and eliminate stubborn belly fat while strengthening abdominal muscles.

Studies have shown over a ten per cent reduction in diastasis recti, with Emsculpt. This separation of the abdominal muscles is common in women, especially after having babies. The resulting bulge in the centre of the belly can be greatly reduced with this procedure.

With each pulse equaling a stomach crunch, chiseled abs are possible. Many people that work their abs regularly have the muscles to create a six-pack, they are just hidden under a layer of difficult-to-shed stomach fat. Emsculpt blasts away that fat and further strengthens the muscles to create well-defined abs.

Tone Arms

It can be frustrating that no matter how many triceps dips you do, that underarm flab remains. Even with countless bicep curls, defined arms can seem impossible. Emsculpt can help you attain the arms of your dreams.

The procedure will destroy stubborn fat, resulting in slimmer arms. It will also pulse your triceps and biceps into stronger, bigger muscles. The result will be leaner, more toned arms overall.

Booty Boost

The butt is one of the most common problem areas. Its fatty tissue composition makes it hard to tone. Plus, even strong glute muscles can fail to give you the desired shape. Each of the pulses Emscuplt sends into your butt muscles is equivalent to one squat!

Emsculpt literally sculpts the buttocks into a perfect, rounded shape. It can be done in a way to retain the needed fat while strengthening and increasing the size of the muscles to support it. This lifts and reshapes the area, creating a firm backside.



How Emsculpt Helps You Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The Emsculpt process is safe, effective, and painless. Pop in on your lunch hour and return to work with no recovery time. In a few short weeks, you’ll have noticeable results.

What areas will you target with Emsculpt? Looking to tone your booty or abs for swimsuit season? Want to prep your arms to look amazing in your wedding gown? Emsculpt can help you eliminate problem areas so you can have the confidence to show off the physique you’ve worked so hard to create.

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