As they age, many seniors experience a decline in self-esteem. It is also possible for them to lose control over their emotions and feel less confident. The fact is, your elderly can live longer and happier by boosting their self-esteem. Luckily, there are many ways of doing that.

We have mentioned everything you need to know about making your seniors feel confident about themselves. 

Take a look. 

Why do Seniors Feel Low?

Research has shown that self-esteem is linked to overall health and well-being at any age. Seniors over 65 years of age suffer a decrease in self-esteem due to several reasons. The most prominent ones can be the death of a spouse, loss of friends or other family members, retirement from their lifelong profession, living on a low and fixed pension, illness, or lack of independence. 

These events can shake anyone's self-confidence, let alone a senior. Psychologists argue that older people who refuse to accept the old-age stereotypes are more successful because they see themselves as living an active and meaningful life, regardless of their age.

So, your loved one's mental health can be improved by giving them a sense of purpose and bolstering their self-image.

Social connections

No matter our age, we all desire to be close friends and family. Research shows that seniors with supportive families and close friends tend to have higher self-esteem and live longer. You can take the below-mentioned steps to boost your parent's self-esteem:

  1. Squashing negative stereotypes: Society often bombards us with negative messages about aging. However, you need to ignore such things and be positive around your loved elderly. Tell them that you value their contribution and that you are proud of them. Reassure them that they don't have to be embarrassed about their hearing loss or lack of stamina. Everyone has their limitations in life.
  2. They can have strength and balance: Your loved ones will feel more secure caring for themselves and moving around if they think that they are steady on their feet. To instill this belief in them, encourage your loved one or friend to join a chair tai chi or balance class in a nearby senior care facility. You can also offer to go on a regular walk with them to maintain their confidence. 
  3. Seek their advice: Your elder loved parent is a vast source of wisdom, experience, and advice. Ask them for advice or help with a problem. You may find that they have a lot of insight, whether it is about serious issues such as relationships or more lighthearted topics like cleaning up after your pets, cooking, and gardening. A sense of purpose and being helpful can boost their confidence.
  4. Make their home accessible: A lack of independence can often lead to a drop in self-esteem in your seniors. To curb this, consider installing handrails in your tub to prevent slippage, make sure rugs don't slide, store frequently used items in easy reach, and ensure that the pathways throughout the house are easy for you to walk. All this will make them carry themselves without help, boosting their self-confidence. 
  5. Talk about Current Events: Ask your loved senior to share their perspective on the world today, based on their personal experience. It can boost their confidence as they see their opinions are heard and appreciated. While you might not always agree with each other, it is possible to have respectful conversations.
  6. Be Compassionate: When interacting with seniors, be patient and understanding. Hearing issues can be misinterpreted to mean a lack of understanding or stamina. Don't let this happen when you talk to them.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Seniors also suffer from ill-health. Studies have shown that lower self-esteem can cause a decline in their body health. Seniors can be especially vulnerable to chronic stress and may experience sleep problems, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, elevated blood pressure, depression, inflammation, and an impaired immune system. 

To curb this, consider getting exercise books for seniors. By exercising daily, they can keep many negative thoughts at bay and live a better life. 

Final Word

Seniors are very particular about their usefulness and self-confidence in their old age. As their kid or caregiver, you must do everything you can to boost their self-esteem. Make sure you follow the above tips for the best results. 


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