Dental healthcare:12 Mistakes Dentists Wish You’d Stop Making Already


dental healthcare

These errors and lapse could seriously compromise your dental healthcare, according to the medical professionals we interviewed.


1. Don’t call your local emergency number with a cell phone

Almost everyone is walking around with a smartphone nowadays, so lets put them to good use. 
“If you have the option, calling from a landline phone is useless and won't help to save a life because you can't locate a dental office near you instantly. If you call from a cell phone, you can't use your google map, emergency video, internet option, and it will be hard searching for the victim and a waste of time."

2. Don’t drive yourself to the dental clinic hospital

“It’s incredible how many people having a traumatic dental injury such as head accident drive themselves to the dental emergency office instead of calling your local emergency number or your dentist. That’s just dumb. What are you going to do if you’re driving and you bleed too much and become weak?”—Afolabi A.O, dentist.

3. Don’t do wrong dental research 

“Patients rely on online statements, which is the opposite of what you want to rely on. If you look at the success of a good dentist, they don't have time for media only fewer dentist or upcoming dentist that usually need more media. Such social media are TV, radio, all untrustworthy websites. If someone is marketing massively, more often than not, it’s a less-skilled dentist.” –Dr. Brown, Board-Certified dentist and Facial Reconstructive Surgeon in Lagos, Nigeria

4. Don’t wait until you have severe dental issues

It is not a good thing for you waiting a week or even months, after noticing a sharp and severe tooth pain, and symptoms to improve before coming to the hospital. That alone may compromise your dental healthcare

5. If you don’t understand what he's saying, just signify

“If you do not understand what the dentist is explaining to you, say so! I once told my patient about post-operative instruction and went ahead and use hot water which leads to a dry socket and a series of burns. A lot of patients doesn't follow instructions even when you tell them everything they should know." —Isreal olabanji, DST, RN, Lagos.

6. Don’t use old or expired medicine

“Don’t just grab any old tooth pain relief drugs out of your medicine cabinet when a new dental issue arise. If you have a toothache, ibuprofen might make the swelling and pain reduced and look better, but the pain could get worse after you stop taking the drug. I’ve removed people’s teeth because of that.” —Benjamin, MD, a dentist at the Federal Medical Center, Owo, Ondo-state, Nigeria

7. If you’ve been to the Dental office, you’d better know what’s next

“If you don’t understand what you’re supposed to do when you leave the dental office, ask—and ask again if necessary.”  —Isreal olabanji, DST, RN, Lagos.

8. Seriously, Quit smoking and give up cigarettes.

“If someone’s a smoker, your teeth we stain. Because quitting smoking can help you regroup and focus again on your dental healthcare and start enjoying the riches of life. It will benefit your overall health, including your lungs, heart and oral health. It’s never too late to stop. Even quitting in your seventies improves survival rate. See How To Quit Smoking - Easy Ways to Give up Cigarettes

9. Don’t stop your Prescription, even if you feel a lot better.

Warm water and salts with your medication prescribed to you from your dentist are very important!

It’s essential that if you have a medicine, you continue to take it as long as it is prescribed.” ––Dr. williams, MD, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and others.

10. Don’t go to the wrong professional

“A lot of my patients say, ‘Well, it’s a doctor, and doctors are all the same’ no no! A lot of people have forgotten that the dentist deal with head and neck, to achieve dental healthcare. A lot of patient makes the mistake and they end up with a serious dental problem which could be life-threatening. These are the exact same thing for physicians. There are so many specialties nowadays, and that really makes it better for patients.”

11. Don’t consult the wrong Doctor on Google

We rely on media but don't make the mistake. Google is like a tool that we guide us, for instance, Google maps, Google reviews, and directories we guide our part to a solution and meet your dentist in person. And not causing a lot of stress and something else

12. Don't lie to your dentist

Majority of the patient lies nowadays, but these we not help you at all. Nobody can better understand your body as you do. If you have a past dental problem before just say it, trust me, many dentists as seen cases that are worst than yours. Your dentist is good in handily secret and rests assured you we be saved!

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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Am Isreal olabanji a dental assistant and public health professionals and has years of experience in assisting the dentist with all sorts of dental issues. We regularly post timely and trustworthy medical information and news. My goal is to enlighten everyone in all aspects of health towards participating in fitness, Dental care, healthy recipes, child health, obstetrics, and more.

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