Countries Where Surrogacy Is Legal: Guidance by the Full-Service Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine


World Center of Baby legal surrogacy is a real-world where one can find professionals who will lead through the journey of creating a family. The field of reproductive technology in Ukraine is well-developed, so no need to worry about the quality of this clinic. Instead, they will ensure safety and protect the interests of the intended parents and the surrogate mother. At least three reasons why their clients never regret applying to this agency are the full screening (including matching) stage plus the best legal care and social support afterward.

On their website, you can find all the recent information about the benefits of surrogacy in general, including the articles of fertility experts about artificial insemination, etc. Since Ukraine is among the legal surrogacy countries, it is also helpful to read feedback from the parents who have already applied to this clinic and share their stories.

If you have been asking yourself: “Where is surrogacy legal?” the solution is found. World Center of Baby is genuinely the best in Ukraine.

How Many Steps Are There to Create a Dream Family With the Help of Surrogacy Clinic In the Surrogacy Legal Countries?

Yes, legal surrogacy can be easy and safe: only a few steps, and you can start the journey to fulfilling a dream. Fill in the application form on the website, then get a consultation with their manager for free. After that, start the best suitable program. Of course, you can read the additional information about the experts you will be working with on the screening stage or the legal one related to the documents required. Lawyers are experienced in surrogacy cases, will successfully do their job, and deliver high quality.

Advantages of Using the World Center of Baby

  • Affordable price: though the cost can vary from agency to agency and depends on your case, the services of this clinic can be affordable for everyone. You can choose the kind of program that will not make you broke;
  • perfect legal guidance will reduce your stress or tedious paperwork;
  • it is possible to divide payments into two or three parts, each of which can be paid while signing the contract, at the 12th or 26th week of pregnancy and after the child is born, respectively
  • guaranteed programs such as NICU cover, freezing the embryos, insurance for pregnancy, and many other packages.

Traditional and gestational surrogacy services can be delivered in the World Center of Baby in Ukraine. Furthermore, they are available relatively fast: no need to wait for the appropriate surrogate mother. The professionals will find a perfect match quickly since they already have a list of surrogates.

Not all countries where surrogacy is legal to offer similar services. Everything depends on the national laws. World Center of Baby supports families and stands for equality in rights. That is why gay couples, straight married people, and singles are equal by the law. Everyone can use the services to build the dream family without any doubt.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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