Normally, children predominantly wear Braces as kids typically have dentition problems such as crowded or protruding teeth. However, nowadays, the demand for dental braces is increasing because of the fact that adults are always ever conscious of their dentition. The focus of this article is to tell you about the cost of dental braces in Nigeria but before that, let us look at why these braces are needed in the first place.

Dental Braces are ingenious dental devices worn to correctly align poorly grown teeth. While wearing the braces, the braces apply force and pressure on the teeth and move it to the desired position set by you. There are four basic components that are used in the making of these dental braces; they are brackets, the bonding material, the archwire, and ligature elastic. The dental braces are designed so that the teeth move when the archwire pressurizes the brackets and the teeth. Sometimes, springs or rubber bands are used to put force in a more specific direction.

Why Are Dental Braces Needed?

Dental braces have a host of benefits that can be gotten from wearing them. Dental braces can actually help to straighten crooked teeth, they can also help close gaps that may have developed between the teeth and helps in better teeth spacing. Bracing the teeth helps reduce cavities and periodontal diseases in people who wear them. They are also proven to make the teeth easier to floss, helps improve the chewing of food and of gives one a nice dentition and the overall oral health.

Cost of Dental Braces in Nigeria

On the average, most dental braces cost between the prices of N300,000 to N3 million depending on a lot of issues, let me elaborate on the types of dental braces and the cost of dental braces in Nigeria.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common types of dental braces in the world today. These types of dental braces are typically made of stainless steel or stainless and nickel-titanium, and are the least expensive when considering the cost of dental braces in Nigeria. These Metal braces cost between the prices of N500, 000 to N1.5 million in total.

This type of dental braces is the most common type of dental braces and is commonly used with younger people, with many people going for this type of dental because if you consider the cost of dental braces in Nigeria, it is the cheapest. These metal braces are also available in different types made from different metallic materials with the Gold plated braces being one of the most expensive of the metal braces available in the world.


The next are the Ceramic braces are also known by the name of clear dental braces. This type of dental braces is made of ceramic brackets that are designed to match the exact colour of the patient’s teeth in order to make the braces blend easily with the patient’s teeth. Ceramic dental braces are so clear and well camouflaged that when standing at a considerable distance from someone, they are not easily noticeable by people.

This type of dental braces is very popular among the young and the old due to their clear properties, which makes them almost impossible to be noticed. Ceramic braces are very expensive considering the cost of dental braces in Nigeria as the price is between ₦800,000 – about ₦2 million based on the latest, market research. This type of dental braces are very fragile and are prone to breakage because of the material used in producing it is fragile and this type of dental braces must be handled with care lest they break.

Invisible Dental Braces

The invisible dental braces are among the most expensive dental braces today considering the cost of Dental braces in Nigeria. They are available and can be gotten in two main types namely: the lingual braces, which are just normal braces that are fit onto the backs of the teeth instead of the fronts and are therefore hidden from view; and the Invisalign braces, which are clear with plastic Snap-On trays that serve to rearrange the teeth.

Lingual braces

The lingual braces are the most expensive invisible braces in the dental world when you factor in the cost of dental braces in Nigeria. The Lingual braces are quite expensive and is among the most expensive dental braces type today. Their prices range between N1.2 million to 2 million depending on the hospital or dental clinic, the location and, difficulty of the application of the braces.

At first, when they are put on, lingual braces can be painful, but they get better with time, they are certainly less visible than the normal dental braces, and many people find them worth the price once the initial pain wears off and it is normalized.

Invisalign Braces

The Invisalign dental braces are a simpler type of invisible braces. They are also a simpler version of the lingual dental braces. The plastic trays they have help to carefully rearrange the teeth into more correct positions over time and through regular usage of this type of dental braces, you can have perfect looking teeth in no time, although worse teeth usually need multiple plastic trays. The good news is the price is not on the high side.

The normal price of Invisalign braces is around N600, 000 to N1.3 million in most hospitals in Nigeria, which is cheap considering the cost of Dental braces in Nigeria. One disadvantage of this type of dental brace, the process can take longer time and the wearer may not get a fast result as the other types of dental braces. Although this type is also fairly invisible, and the wearer can be able to wear it comfortably for a long time, as long they are going for a necessary check-up. The initial placement process is actually quite painful, as but the pain significantly reduces with time



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