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There are lots of reasons for insecurity, and missing teeth is one of them. It doesn't even matter whether it is because of gum disease, poor dental hygiene, accidents, or genetics. Smiling with broken or missing teeth can lead to a lack of confidence.

Misshapen teeth can also be a large source of insecurity, even if you can get your teeth grinded at a pediatric dentistry friendswood.

Luckily, there are ways to bring your smile and confidence back. Here is a brief look into the most popular dental solutions for missing teeth.


One of the most common solutions for missing teeth is dentures. This is because getting dentures is simpler and cheaper compared to alternatives. Dentures do not need surgery, unlike dental bridges and dental implants.

A denture is a personally fitted removable replacement for missing teeth. It resembles the teeth and their surrounding gums.

There are generally two types of dentures - complete dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are those designed to replace all teeth. It helps restore normal chewing capabilities. Partial dentures are temporary replacements for those missing a tooth or some teeth.

Both complete and partial dentures are made to fit. The process needs the patient's jaw and teeth impressions using plaster.

The plaster model is then used as the basis for making the dentures. The result should be a removable denture with fake teeth and realistic-looking gums.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be a viable option if you want a more permanent solution for your missing teeth. A dental bridge is suited for cases where the missing teeth create a gap between two natural teeth on each side.

A dental bridge connects the gap by anchoring the replacement onto the natural teeth for a more secure fit. The process of getting a dental bridge fitted takes several steps.

The dentist would first need to prepare the replacement or abutment teeth. This involves the false teeth bridging the gap as the crowns sit on top of the natural teeth. The preparation also involves recontouring the natural teeth for the crown to fit on top.

The dental bridge is built to fit the patient's teeth impression. One of the steps for this is removing the top part of the natural enamel. It will make space for the anchoring crowns to sit on top of the natural teeth. All of these will help create a secure and comfortable fit.

After this process, the shaved natural enamel and gums will be exposed. So, a patient would need a temporary bridge to protect the teeth from infections.

The dentist will remove the temporary bridge once the permanent bridge is ready. The natural teeth will serve as posts that will hold the dental bridge in place.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are tooth replacements surgically planted to the patient’s jaw. This kind of replacement aims to mimic the missing tooth’s structure from the root up to the crown.

A metal post or frame would be implanted into the jaw to serve as the root. Once the bone grows, and the gums heal, the post will act like a base where the false crown sits. This design makes dental implants feel and look like actual teeth.

There are generally two types of dental implants - endosteal and subperiosteal. An endosteal dental implant is the most popular. It involves fixing a metal post or frame onto the jaw. Meanwhile, a subperiosteal implant lies on top of the jaw bone underneath the gums. This still provides a sturdy base without drilling onto the jaw bone.

Good oral hygiene can save you from the problem of choosing the dental solutions above. But if you are at a point where a replacement is essential, do not be discouraged. Replacement teeth will not only complete your smile. It will also provide you with the functionality you were missing.


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