Can A Pet Fish Also Serve As An Emotional Support Animal?


When most think of emotional support animal requirements, they tend to envision fur and fluff, ideal for cuddles and affection. However, there’s more to emotional support animal requirements than the physical love they give. There’s also the soothing just observing them or being aware of their presence may provide. In the case of pet fish, they are discreet, gentle companions certain not to invade your personal space.

Nevertheless, they will give you a sense of caring for something real and alive, which will depend on you without demanding too much. Pet Fish can serve as decoration in practically all environments, from a college dorm room to your office table at work.

They require minimal care and, in return, will be there to respond to your finger tapping against their bowl or tank glass whenever you need their attention. While having a fish as an ESA may be an unusual choice, it still offers plenty of advantages.

  1. They Offer Distraction

According to studies on the effects of interacting with fish in aquariums on human health and well-being, observing fish movement in a tank can serve as a distraction from stressors. If you are suffering from anxiety or negative thoughts, just watching the colorful activity of fish will distract your mind.

It is easy to clear your mind of everything else when watching a fish exist just to swim peacefully, eat its meals, and rest in whatever tank component (rocks/algae) allows it. The carefree any contentment fish exudes is infectious; the more you watch them, the more serene you will feel. This distraction is ideal for those looking for quietness and anatomy in their emotional support animal requirements.

pet fish

  1. Interacting With Fish Is Riskless

Other ESAs, such as dogs or cats, may have their benefits, but can also cause you minimal harm. For instance, untrained dogs may bite you; cats can occasionally scratch you or even damage your clothes.

Pet Fish, on the other hand, do not require direct interaction. There will constantly be a barrier of glass between you both, reducing any possible worry that you may harm them or that they might respond violently to you. This riskless component can facilitate bonding for those suffering from chronic anxiety or PTSD as the result of an animal attack or some other form of violence.

  1. Pet Fish Require Minimal Care

Pet Fish fulfil the emotional support animal requirements of people whose busy lives prevent them from caring for a more demanding pet. They do not need to be taken anywhere to urinate or defecate or washed weekly or monthly. Their food is easy to distribute and affordable. You can feed them twice a day, and do not need any other attention otherwise. In case you are too busy to play with them, you do not need to worry that you are harming their well-being or failing to do your duties as a pet owner.

  1. Fish Decorate Any Background

Pet fishFish and fish tanks are generally used as decoration because their colorful appearance is striking and visually pleasant in all contexts. Just the appearance of a fishbowl or fishtank along, with its usual 'shipwreck', themed decorations, can bring some life and vitality to your office, bedroom, or living room.

  1. The Fishtank Itself Can Be Therapeutic To Observe

The movement of the water itself has been found to have therapeutic effects on people. Most fish tanks are equipped with a self-cleaning, water-purifying system. This creates bubbles that can be pleasant to see. The flow of the water, of a blue magnified by the tint of the fish, can help you navigate away from stressful thoughts to a more tranquil mood.

The larger the tank, the more pleasant it will be to watch. Not only is this activity less demanding than caring for a pet, but it also can help put you in the mood to meditate. Some people like to have fish tanks in their room to watch the bubbles go up, and the water sways slightly before they sleep. It helps ease away feelings of anxiety and negative flashbacks.

  1. You Can Splurge On More Fish Later Down The Line

Most fish owners end up wanting more than one pet fish. Not only do more fish fill-up the tank nicely and offer more distraction, but they also provide a companion for your first fish. Unlike dogs or other sizeable ESAs that may need more care, pet fish are incredibly easy to take care of, even in high numbers. Fish food is relatively affordable, and the biggest expense — the tank — is a one-off cost. You can easily choose to add 2 or 3 more fish to your collection down the line without needing to make any changes to your installation or observing any inconvenience in your life.

  1. Pet Fish Do Not Require Training

Emotional support animal requirements include docility and minimized training responsibility. With fish, you do not have to take on the responsibility of training to ensure appropriate home manners. While cats or dogs will have to be trained to ‘go’ in their litter or outside, taught how to interact with strangers, or made to obey, fish simply exist in a relatively self-sufficient routine. For people dealing with stress-related anxiety, the awareness that little is expected from them from their fish companion can be a relief.

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