5 Best Dog Nail Clippers for Your ESA Dog


Living with an emotional support animal (A.K.A ESA DOG) also comes with added responsibilities as you have to ensure that your ESA is well-groomed. By trimming your dog’s nails, you avoid emergency trips to the vet due to the nail breaking. It also helps protect your valuables and floors from scratches as a result of your ESA’s overgrown nails. With numerous Clippers in the market, it can be difficult choosing the right nail clipper for your ESA dog. Below are some of the best dog nail clippers to help you groom your emotional support dogs safely and effectively.

  1. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers

These are the most basic, cost-effective clippers for your ESA dog and the average dog owner. With numerous praises for being user-friendly and effortless, Boshel dog nail clippers and trimmers are your best bet if you are new to trimming your dog’s nails. This is because they come with safety guards to help you avoid overcutting the nails.

The sharp blades made up of 3.5mm stainless steel trims your dog’s nails with one cut while sturdy non-slip handles enable you to firmly hold the clipper when trimming. These clippers come with a free nail so you can easily smoothen the nails after trimming. You can use the clippers on both and dogs.

  1. Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Safari nail trimmers are scissor-style Dog Nail Clippers that come in a two-pack. They can easily handle the toughest nails due to the sharp stainless steel blades. The rubber-coated handles are also large enough and contain non-slip coating for added comfort. If you are anxious about trimming your ESA’s nails, the quick guard in these clippers will help you avoid going past the quick when trimming.

The good thing is that the clippers come in standard and large sizes to accommodate normal-sized and large dogs respectively. They also have a locking mechanism for securing the blades once you are done using them.

  1. Millers Forge Pet Nail Clippers

Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs, these guillotine-style Dog Nail Clippers make it easy for you to trim your ESA dog nails. They come with fast-change blades which help maintain the clippers’ sharpness, and an extra replacement blade so you don’t have to buy a new clipper.

They are also impressively quiet and feature a safety lock for securing the blades when not in use. Known for quality and durability, you are assured that they will serve you for longer. Since the clippers do not have a quick guard, they are great if you have some experience trimming your dog’s nails. If you are already comfortable trimming your ESAs nails, these clippers will help you achieve quick and clean cuts with no fraying.

  1. GoPets Nail Clippers For Your ESA Dogs

These clippers are heavy duty and feature ergonomic handles, precise and sharp blades, and a safety guard to prevent you from accidentally injuring your ESA dog. While they are adequately sharp, you may need something stronger for large dogs with tough nails. The clippers’ handles are also significantly larger than most clippers, which gives you added leverage and eases the nail-cutting process

An in-built safety guard helps you avoid cutting too much. However, you can rotate the guards out of the way if you prefer clipping the nails without them. The clippers come with a nail file and are available in two sizes to accommodate both small and large dogs.

  1. Epica Professional Nail Clippers

Epica professional nail clippers are versatile and you can use them on both small and large dogs. However, they are best suited for large dogs as they can be too big for small and medium-sized dogs. They are equipped with non-slip ergonomic handles and are among the sturdiest clippers you can find.

Since it has a quick guard and a locking mechanism, it is perfect for you whether you are a novice or have experience in trimming your ESA’s nails. The long rubber handles give you a secure grip while the strong and thick blades are durable and will serve you for longer than average clippers. Epica dog nail clippers come with a lifetime warranty.

When looking for the right dog nail clipper for your ESA, ensure that the blade is sharp and strong enough to cut the nails smoothly. It should also be comfortable to hold with a non-slip grip for a secure grip. Lastly, a clipper with safety features such as a quick guard will help you avoid cutting too low if you are new to trimming your ESA’s nails. Since you can’t always rely on quick guards, it is crucial to know where your dog’s quick is to avoid accidents that may lead to your dog bleeding. This way, you will give your ESA a quick, smooth, and safe nail clipping experience.

With the above recommendations, you can find the ideal dog nail clippers for your ESA and enjoy a hassle-free nail clipping experience.

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